Steps to Connect With Decision Makers through Digital and Human Touch Marketing

There is no doubt that delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time via the right channel has turned out to be much easier than ever before. Several new mediums, like blogs, webinars, e-books, white paper, etc have been used to appeal to the target market.

What you need is informative content that would help you establish your brand identity. You just need to capture their names, email addresses and phone numbers along with their permission to engage.

The marketing strategy should be laid down, keeping in mind that at every point of time, 3% of prospects are available to buy your products or services and 6-7% of them are open to it.

Connect With Decision Makers through Digital and Human Touch Marketing

Hence, you need to participate actively in lead generation and converting these leads to prospects and then to customers. In order to do so, they need to move through the buying cycle and hence, you need to have their contact or stay in touch with them.

There are only 10% of prospects that would respond at that point of time and hence would be on the top of the list. Therefore, you need to be ready to stay in touch with your prospects. Digital touch, in the form of well designed content is essential for spreading the marketing message. Thereby, human touch in the form of a telemarketer is also equally important in subsequent stages.

So, let’s walkthrough different steps that could connect decision makers through digital and human touch marketing.

Lead Generation via Digital Media

Online resources, like blogs, webinars, ads, emails, video, podcasts, etc are deemed to be very useful in spreading the marketing message. The more these tactics are used; more are the chances of improving visibility. Decision makers are always ready to consume this message and hence, we need to be active when it comes to content marketing.

Connect with your audience at the emotional level to add the ‘wow’ to your services. It is very important to let them envision the benefits that they can gain working with you, before you engage them or captivate their imagination.

Lead Nurturing Through Telemarketing

Hire trained professionals to educate your prospects about the products or services. Let your representative be strong enough to answer their questions and provide them the additional information to guide them on their path of buying cycle.

Field Sales Force Closes More Sales

The last of all, your sales representative needs to be closers. They directly come in contact with decision makers while at the same time; they meet prospects face to face, discuss terms, demo products and build trust. So, they are at first line of your sales efforts.

Don’t you want to nurture your leads to improve upon conversion rate? Do you want to work closely to convert leads to customers? Do follow these steps and get connected with decision makers to improve upon your business returns.