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How to Leverage Marketo to Boost Sales?

Marketing automation software is a very beneficial technology for any sales team. But surprisingly, automation tools are not used by sales teams as much as by marketing teams. often, sales teams do not consider using or learning to use the marketing platforms, whereas the marketing teams leverage it to generate, nurture, and qualify leads.  Instead […]

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Marketo Summit 2014- All About Innovation!

This year’s Marketo Marketing Nation Summit was all about INNOVATION as a theme. With new titles like Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) and Marketing Technologist, the Marketers are becoming smarter and have to be innovative. Check out Marketo blog all the details here. With 6000 people attending this conference is truly mind-blowing. Plus the Partner Summit […]

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The Stats on Marketing Automation

By now you’ve probably known all about marketing automation and you probably know that it’s one of the fastest growing areas for business to business marketers. Marketing automation is an essential tool for marketers in today’s fast-paced cyber-connected world. If you’d like to know more, check out the latest statistical numbers on marketing automation listed […]

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How to Push Existing Leads Through the Funnel Faster

You’ve caught a prospect’s interest, they’ve spent time on your web page, attended free seminars or whatever, but how do you speed up the process of moving them through your marketing funnel? Now that you know they are a quality lead, you can invest some effort into accelerating them through your marketing process. Follow these […]

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