Marketo Migration Services

Migration from one automation platform to another is difficult. Especially when it comes to managing the change. Let us help you  ease your pain when you plan a transition from your current automation platform to Marketo. 

Our Marketo Certified Experts will build your migration strategy.
Offer best practices and step-by-step demonstrations of key migration processes. 

The guided migration assists you with the mapping and migration of existing business rules and marketing campaigns. We can help you with the conversion of old forms, landing pages and the import of lead data from your legacy marketing automation database.

Services Included

Perform an audit of the existing system 

Mapping out your migration strategy

Campaign design and scoring

Evaluate data cleanliness 

Review client competency for migrating various assets and provide supplemental training or recommend appropriate courses or materials 

Assist in testing, conduct a performance review, and provide process and rollout feedback during migration.

Inventory all of your assets, campaigns, processes, and data to be migrated