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Marrina Decisions is an elite, full-service email marketing agency offering the full spectrum of email marketing services, including custom email template coding, email campaign setup and deployment, email strategy, email automation, custom integrations and programming, and much more. We work with brands of all sizes, agencies, and email service providers to deliver flawless quality service, production, and support.

As a leading Email Marketing Agency, let us help you achieve excellent results with quicker execution for those much needed Flawless Emails, empowering you to achieve your goals.

Flawless Email Production isn’t just one thing we do – it’s everything we do.

Outsource your Email Campaign Execution and Let Someone Else Do the Heavy Lifting for you!

“The team managed all the aspects of our Marketing Operations, including a successful roll out of Marketo and Salesforce. Their expertise and depth of knowledge ensured that the marketing automation architecture was set up correctly and aligned with our business processes. I really appreciated the flawless execution on email production, webinars, and the team’s support with campaigns. The entire team was always on top of things and they were truly an extension of our team. We quickly saw both quantitative and qualitative business impact from our work with Marrina Decisions.”
Deepti Illa, (Marketing Programs at Google)



Over 54% of companies have six or more emails in production at one time, with 31% having less than half a week of work going into each one. With so many balls in the air at once, it’s important to have a tried and true process for getting emails planned, created, and launched in a timely manner.


Fully Equipping You
for the Voyage

Thoroughly defining your email marketing campaign strategy and goals helps guide the direction of your campaign and makes it easier to measure the success of your efforts. We bring expertise to the table to ask the right questions, collect all the requirements in an organized way, and proceed with skilled and efficient execution and campaign management.


Assuring Quality and
Smooth Sailing

Our experts create custom, scalable, and responsive email and landing page templates for optimal performance. But all this work is wasted if there are mistakes, so our foolproof QA process is vital to illuminate any issues. Configuration details, campaign members, email tests, and schedule information are clearly presented to you for final pre-launch approvals.


Setting Sail and
Staying on Course

Once approved, email launch monitoring ensures your email campaign went off as scheduled and anticipated, on time and flawless. Post-launch email performance reporting and analysis are provided to you within a day after email send and updated again after several days, highlighting testing results, tweaks, successes, and ROI.

“One of the key benefits to working with Marrina Decisions is never having to think about whether we have to hire another person. I could always pick up the phone when I needed to get something out the door quickly. I’m grateful that Marrina Decisions was able to turn on a dime and be a trusted advisor navigating the ever changing Marketing automation solutions while yielding results for our organization.”
Mei Huang, (Senior Manager Marketing Automation – Americas for Xero)


Your ROI Matters

Our ultimate goal is to make sure our clients are successful and that we add value in our working relationships. As such, we pay close attention to KPIs and ROI and set specific goals with each of our clients helping them execute even more email campaigns with greater consistency and quality service.

Years of Experience

Our team has completed hundreds of projects for small businesses, global enterprises, B2Bs, B2Cs and not-for-profit organizations since 2012. This gives us unique insight into client projects on all levels of email production, optimized template building, list management, QA, and execution of their campaigns. We tie it all together and apply our previous learning to new projects day-in and day-out, which allows us to add a unique value to your in-house initiatives.

Quality Assurance

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work. With strong QA processes in place to ensure that projects are delivered with accuracy, you can have peace of mind that all production requirements and hassle-free execution are taken care of by our expert team.

Global Offices

We have employees based around the world. We’re a truly global company allowing marketing leaders to dedicate their focus to more strategic endeavors.

A Crew of Marketing Experts

With a large staff of full-time, in-house employees, we can tackle the most complex email marketing campaigns. Our certified email marketing team includes designers, developers, copywriters, user experience (UX) and conversion optimization (CRO) specialists with years of industry experience in strategizing, deploying, executing, managing and ensuring ROI from marketing campaigns.

Dedicated Assistance and Transparency

Our certified and experienced experts help you take your marketing efforts to the next level. We scale our teams as needed to support client demands, never spreading our teams too thin, and always communicating openly with the client. Our firm believes that an informed and engaged client makes a campaign stronger and more productive, ensuring you get the highest quality support.

Efficient Staffing

Incorporating our team to your in-house efforts will improve efficiency while lowering costs and saving on overhead. Increase your email marketing capacity without hiring staff, cover gaps while developers are on holiday, or reallocate key resources to more strategic programs. While saving on the costs of recruitment, infrastructure, retention, benefits and liabilities, you’ll reach new heights with campaign launch goals and quality.

“I have had the pleasure of working the Marrina Decisions team on multiple projects. They are always extremely efficient, throughout and very friendly. I would recommend Marrina Decisions to anyone looking for a partner to help with their demand generation efforts. There is no projects big or small that Marrina Decisions wouldn’t add value to.”
Stefani Horton, (Sr. Marketing Manager at GoodData)


“Marrina Decisions is an extension of our Marketing Team. They helped us set up a nurture program that is one of the best in the industry and also helped us to deliver marketing qualified leads.”
David Sawatzke, (Director of Marketing Programs at Dimension Data)





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