Kim Bodemar

Director, Client Services


I Stand For Quality

Kim is Director of Marketing Services with Marrina Decisions. She is a people person who is in love with her role that lets her know diverse clients and learn from them every day. In her free time, she likes to hike, hang out with friends and family, and watch movies. She also loves to read, and you will always find her reading a new book from her monthly book club, which she started ten years ago.

One of the things that she has in her bucket list is to go back to Spain, where she finished her college and relive the experience. Kim has traveled around the world but always lands back in the bay area to be close to her family and friends. The diversity of the bay area and the culture of acceptance and advancement is very close to her. But her essential happiness lies with being close to friends and family. For her one wish from a Genie, she would want him to escort her children through their teenage years, gifting them with patience, kindness, and wisdom.