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use marketo to boost sales
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How to Leverage Marketo to Boost Sales?

Marketing automation software is a very beneficial technology for any sales team. But surprisingly, automation tools are not used by sales teams as much as by marketing teams. often, sales teams do not consider using or learning to use the marketing platforms, whereas the marketing teams leverage it to generate, nurture, and qualify leads.  Instead […]

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marketo mistakes to avoid
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Avoid These Costly Marketing Operation Mistakes on Marketo During Economic Crisis

Whether you are a seasoned marketing operation specialist or a newbie, there are operational mistakes we all are likely to commit, or we have already made those in any Marketo programs and campaigns.  However, all marketing operation mistakes cost us havoc. Especially during an economic crisis, making these marketing pitfalls will be even costlier while […]

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marketing automation for digital transformation
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How to Leverage Marketing Automation to Digitally Transform Your Business

As marketing automation platforms continue to grow with more features and functionalities, so had grown marketers’ expectations and needs. Automation systems have grown immensely to integrate real-time insights on customers’ behavior and demography from various sources of data.  Advancements in automation technologies have added capabilities to drive customer-centric or customer-first experience by personalizing and tailoring […]

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How to Resolve Issues Occurring with Marketo Fields When the Marketo Salesforce Sync Stops?

The configuration changes made to the Marketo SFDC frame will affect a number of fields during the syncing process. Previously Marketo had two packages in its Salesforce AppExchange: Marketo Lead Management (MLM) package and Marketo Sales Insight (MSI) package. This current configuration update will remove the MLM package, and the MSI package will not require […]

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Ultimate Preparation Checklist – 7 Things Not to Miss at Marketo Marketing Nation Summit 2018

Like every year, Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit is going to make some announcements in marketing and sales innovations at its premier Marketing Nation Summit event. While you are heading for this marketing event, you must be able to extract as much insights, information, takeaway in the latest tech, tools and trends in digital marketing as […]

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What is GDPR and How Will It Help Marketers Build Customers’ Trust?

Marketers commonly assume and build their campaigns based on the ‘more is better’ notion and they end up sending more emails, more invitations and event registrations to achieve greater re-targeting goals. However, engaging and winning customers’ trust takes on offering utmost personalized experiences based on their needs and respecting their preferred mode of use of […]

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4 Tricks to Improve Personalization Leveraging Direct Mail on Marketo

Many marketers consider direct mail to be an opportunity to enhance the performance and personalization of campaigns and to build trust. The Marketo automation platform gives marketers the ideal playground for that. With Marketo, they can automate the direct mail process with educational, informative, product updates, promotional, and many other different types of content. They […]

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