5 Marketo LaunchPoint Apps to Augment Automation & ABM Experience

5 Marketo LaunchPoint Apps to Augment Automation & ABM Experience

Marketo users have greatly benefited from its LaunchPoint program which periodically releases new apps to the platform to enhance the usability with greater and more capabilities to make the most of the platform. Once again, Marketo has recently launched a bevy of freshly brewed LaunchPoint partner apps to improve creating and managing your marketing campaigns as well as the prospects of revenue expected from the campaigns. These newly added LaunchPoint partner apps are intended to enhance the efficiency of marketing automation and account-based marketing programs. 

5 New Marketo LaunchPoint partner apps

Mintigo for Marketo

Mintigo presents a robust artificial intelligence (AI) program which equips marketers with both marketing analysis and predictions to improve their campaigns and engagement. This program is designed to enable marketers to perform better data-backed marketing campaigns which will augment engagement from their marketing programs across diverse channels and also, more efficiently for every journey.

Mintigo, being a cloud-based predictive platform for marketing and sales enables companies to utilize insights and intelligence to drive engagement from their targeted customers more effectively, thus, helping them find and focus on their targeted customers more efficiently.  

As a LaunchPoint partner app, the program syncs seamlessly with Marketo and the CRM systems supported by Marketo platform. Its powerful AI platform beefs up Marketo-based programs, campaigns and assets with the power of real-time predictions and data to identify the customers (Ideal Customer Profiles).

With this ICP data at the marketers’ disposal, they can engage with buyers with the right messages, content and offers across the right channels where buyers are most active; while the predictive insights of the app enables users to attribute scores accurately to their leads. 

Other prominent features of the app that benefit users include –

  • Simple API allows marketing and sales teams the ability to align activities easily, without much training
  • With effective alignment of sales and marketing activities and insights, companies can deliver personalized messages and experiences for target customers   
  • The app supports integrating Marketo ABM using Marketo API. Thus, it raises the efficiency of identifying the right accounts with propensity scores and predictive analysis.
  • The platform generates actionable account-based intelligence that offers ABM marketers and sales teams with aligned and combined marketing and sales strategies.
  • Data-driven segmentation capabilities of Mintigo enable users to focus on ABM campaigns, Social and Display and RTP of Marketo platform.
  • Mintigo’s more than 3,500 external fit data and indicators integrate with the Marketo database to help define customer profiles. Other than Marketo databases, Mintigo data also syncs with various types of internal data from the CRM, data warehouse and many transactional systems.

SnapApp for Marketo 

Enterprises should now start taking benefit of integrating this new app with the Marketo ABM and marketing automation platform. Why? This new app called SnapApp has features to produce interactive content experiences through diverse channels for engaging their targeted audiences. This Marketo LaunchPoint app features diverse types of interactive content creation tools to promote and distribute through multifarious channels. It offers seamless data integration capabilities with Marketo to create rich, interactive content for leads and accounts on Marketo database.  

The app is also a great source of interactive content for all the Marketo assets and campaigns including emails, landing pages, nurture streams and others. Another major benefit of this Marketo LaunchPoint app is its extreme ease of use for creating, publishing, distributing and measuring engagement coming from the content and campaigns. It does not require any technical support to merge SnapApp content with Marketo CMS, instances, mobile campaigns, social media pages and any other platform or channels. 

Other prominent features of the app include –

  • It drives customer engagement by creating two-way dialogue with its interactive content that facilitates connecting and engaging with targeted audiences better. Thus, users can create a better customer-centric experience that is perfectly optimized to buyers and keeping them engaged to the content and information using SnapApp. The app can boost as much as 30% click rates from customers on the interactive content delivered to them.
  • With intuitive and user-friendly platform of SnapApp, users get to create and distribute more interactive content unlike its traditional counterparts. Apart from creating fresh new content, the app comes in exceptionally handy in recycling and repurposing old content thus, helping marketers make the most of their content resources and reduce workload.
  • The app also is extremely useful in collecting feedback and asking questions which can speed up the process of qualifying leads. With easy integration with Marketo platform, users can easily use that customer feedback data collected from the app to optimize their campaigns and messages based on the data collected from those customers. Thus, SnapApp users have reportedly witnessed about 80% responses from questions asked to buyers and prospects. 

Cloudwords for Marketo

The Cloudwords app for Marketo enables users to reduce the time they spend in promoting and selling products/services using localized information and global campaigns. With zero hassles of integration, this Marketo LaunchPoint app syncs with Marketo within seconds and helps with speeding up the campaign and the flow with reduced manual efforts.

Major features of Cloudwords that marketers love the most include – 

  • The app integrates with Marketo using single intake channel or central request portal which facilitates stakeholders and local teams to access and execute projects.
  • The In-context review feature of Cloudwords allows users to access and edit copies from the final version. This feature also helps view source content to audit and fix design errors and ensure accuracy in the final layout.
  • Additionally, it also empowers users with automated notifications, synchronized timelines, and better cross-functional collaboration to enable language translation teams and editor reaching at the completion point faster than using any similar age-old tool.
  • Another major feature is real-time analytics that enhances visibility of project spend through dashboard tool and reports that assist users in monitoring spend and efficiencies.
  • Centrally-hosted Translation Memory along with glossary speed project turnaround times in Cloudwords app ensures improved quality and cost-effectiveness.

Uberflip for Marketo 

Uberflip Marketo LaunchPoint app helps build effective content experiences for customers and generate better qualified leads by using the content resources. Therefore, marketers must consider Uberflip for their Marketo platform to improve the control over the buyer journey.

Noteworthy features and benefits of Uberflip app includes –

  • Offers better quality content experience to build customer relationships by allowing customers to pick their preferred types of content which they find most useful and engaging. 
  • It supports Integration with CTA in Marketo forms and track clicks coming from the CTA.
  • With improved and more optimized engaging content experience for customers and various ranges of tools of Uberflip, marketers can attain better engagement and better quality lead scores. 

Oktopost for Marketo

Oktopost app brings the first solution of its kind to sync social media and get more from social media integration. The app helps integrate social media activities to improve lead generation efforts. This Marketo LaunchPoint app presents an extremely useful tool for businesses to align marketing and sales activities which increases social media engagement and new sales from social media marketing activities.

Oktopost makes it easy for marketers to monitor, identify and measure leads and sales generated from specific social media activities conducted on diverse social media channels. The app helps taking data-driven business decisions based on insights on social media activities and focus on the right social channels to maximize revenue by targeting the right channel and the right kind of messages that leads and accounts engage the most.     

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