How to Increase Form Conversion Rate?

Ah, you have designed a website and now have hosted it over the internet. Do you think your work in done? No, it’s not! Indeed, you have to continue to work on it and regularly to encourage visitors and then of course there is the job of converting these visitors to customers. It is only then that your website will prove to be helpful.

Let us show you how to explore your website’s online potential. Likewise, professionals have to ponder over various elements that will bring about more visitors and customers through their email campaigns.

One of the key parameters that needs to be carefully looked at is “form conversion rate.” Professionals should have a realistic understanding of the conversion rate to minimize the visitors abandoning the form and maximize the results of their campaign.

Let’s discuss a few tips that can improve your form conversion rate and give you a competitive edge in business.

  • Conversational Message: The email should never bore customers with uninspiring style and flow. Instead, the campaign should have relevant information that can increase lead generation. It should have attractive and compelling content and that can be achieved by understanding customers’ needs, communicating the benefits and maintaining the right balance between image and text.
  • Fine-tuning of forms: The form should be easy to locate, preferably visible on the landing page of mailers. The message should be simple and interesting. Customers should not be frustrated by collecting the entire information in one go. The fields of the form should be simple for easy participation by customers and where ever possible the automation of fields should be offered so that if needed the repeated data is not asked of the customer again.
  • Balance of form fields: One needs to be very careful in deciding upon the optimum number of fields in the form. Visitors should not come across hassles, while filing the form. Few and necessary fields should be given more importance, keeping an eye over the core objectives of the campaign. Forms should be simple and easy to fill, plain and simple.
  • Progressive profiling: It is a technique that is followed to keep prospects at ease. It helps them establish deep relationships with the brand. This technique can be used smartly and intelligently to get additional information with each interaction. It helps you gather the right information, avoid monotony, enable smart form designing and capture additional leads where ever possible.
  • Call-to-Action: Call-to-action should definitely be included so that interested customers can make an action and can reach customers at large. It helps them directly get the information they are looking for. In order to do so, design in a button for easy access, mention the incentive, etc.
  • Distractions at bay: The use of jargon-free and precise information helps in conveying the message directly to the prospects. Irrelevant information distracts prospects and forces them to leave the page. The clean information will encourage them to go ahead.
  • Form Efficiency: It is a must to use analytics to measure the results. The form should be tested regularly under different situations and the results should be analyzed to improve upon the conversion rate. The key performance indicators, such as order value and number of conversions should be looked into carefully and regularly.
  • Response to Customers: The special note, carrying a personal touch should be sent to customers who filled the form.  Follow-up with a thank you and an offer.

Check out today, if your customers are happily filing the form on your website or not? Do they find it simple? Don’t just hope the form does not frustrate visitors, but instead improves the conversion rate. If it is not so, follow the above stated steps and check out how you can improve the form conversion rate.

Your prospects will definitely love to fill a form that is simple and hassle-free.  This is key to helping your business stay competitive, capture leads that actually convert into action.  This is the competive edge your business needs to make form conversion rate successful.