Are you Getting the Most out of Marketo? 5 Things You Should Be Doing
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Are you Getting the Most out of Marketo? 5 Things You Should Be Doing

Many of us are leaving out on major possibilities to make better use of the Marketo platform – do you also often feel there is more to it? The platform presents a wide spectrum of features, tools and functionalities that are most of the time left unused, thus making us unable to use the software to its full potential.

However, a little guidance and training with Marketo tips can smarten up your skills and help discover secret tricks to enhance your Marketo expertise. This article describes how to get the most out of Marketo

How to get the most out of Marketo

Get more from Email Editor 2.0 – The Email Editor 2.0 in Marketo offers amazing email editing options. Let us show you and a few reasons below why you need to start using this tool today:

  • The Marketo email editor enables users adding variables inside editor. Once this option is enabled, users no longer need to write tags or coding for editing emails. 
  • This editor tool allows users with plenty of things to do, including modifying colors of buttons, font text, change spacing, appending or deleting modules from emails and many other things.
  • Marketo makes it extremely easy to set up and use the editor for new users. One thing you need to ensure is that users require admin rights to set up and enable the Email Editor 2.0, because it is not activated by default.   

Nurturing tools – The most effective way to nurture your target audience is to map the right strategy to educate, inform and nurture leads at the right time with the right message. The lead nurturing option in Marketo enables users to identify qualified leads and ready for the sales funnel. Moreover, it also helps sales reps convert more leads and deals, spot opportunities for upselling new lineups to existing customers and it also effectively saves time in closing deals with buyers. These 5 lead nurturing tips can help you adopt a more workable lead nurture strategy.

List Import Template – The List Import templates in Marketo offer an amazing tool for users who are focused on importing their email lists into their engagement program. This template includes all fields required for your organization along with a preview of how the data will look after data addition is complete. Isn’t that neat? Check out this article on how to maintain good database health and how to boost marketing performance with periodic data health checkups and cleaning.  

Segmentation and Dynamic Content – companies and marketers are always trying their best to deliver the right messages and content to gain higher engagement and responses from their target audience. That’s why you need to consider these two Marketo tools – segmentation and dynamic content. Marketo facilitates users with easy to set up benefits. The segmentation brings users the ability to categorize and sort leads as per diverse criteria such as, Industry, job titles, departments, region, preferences, buyer persona and other factors. Once users can successfully categorize and segment the database, Marketo enables creating dynamic emails and the ability to apply snippets on landing pages targeted for specific segmentation. Our article on how to use segmentation for selecting right accounts for account-based marketing program will guide you in effective account identification process. 

Marketo Programs and Channels – Setting up Marketo Programs and Channels is an essential step in obtaining detailed reports and using advanced analytics. Many marketers tend to avoid the process of setting up the Programs and Channels option in advance and fail to optimize the report efficiently. Often they end up missing opportunities from their reports and insights.  Our recent webinar video will walk you through the step-by-step instructions to build Marketo programs and channels for success. 

Are you craving some more Marketo guide and winning tips to make the most from Marketo and augment results of Marketo programs? Then, check out these 5 Best Practices of Marketo that will help you enhance your Marketo skills to the level of experts.