5 Best Practices of Marketo

Marketing automation has given businesses new grounds to rise and reach target audiences. However, you have got Marketo and its doing good, but you still want to come up with innovative ideas to make your marketing campaign work fantastically.

Indeed, marketers always want their campaigns to give them steady returns. Hence, they need to focus on best practices that could turn out to be useful in longer runs. Before you select any of these practices, make sure that you do not deviate from chief objectives, such as customer engagement, lead tracking etc.

Let’s discuss 5 Best Practices of Marketo that help in creating compelling marketing campaigns.

1. Get engaged with customers on personal level: People love to receive personal messages. Hence, add customers’ name to your emails, customize them on basis of their interest and habits and personalize your message. Personalizing the greeting and delivering a concise message that is easy to read and understand is believed to be lot beneficial. Such emails would improve upon email performance, making your marketing campaigns successful and targeted.

2. Track and capture accurate Lead Sources : The information is no doubt difficult to obtain, but it is very important for the analysis and proper lead management that helps in capturing, responding and managing incoming leads. Marketers need to carry out some customization for getting this information accurately. Removing the clutter, keeping the lead source uniform, checking out the success rates, etc could be helpful for success of a marketing campaign.

3. Take advantage of Marketo Lead lifecycle Management to increase sales: Once you improve upon lead scoring, it is good to keep revenue cycle under check. The lead lifecycle management helps in keeping track of all your leads, proper scoring and proper positioning of leads and tracking sales with new leads.

4. Lead generation through Content Management: High quality content is no doubt beneficial in various ways and is believed to be the important part of marketing campaigns. So, be creative in designing unique Marketo landing pages to grab more opportunities.

5. Lead scoring for driving revenue: Lead scoring assigns a ranking to each and every sale prospect, depending upon their being best fit (demographic) or understanding of their interest and buying intention (behaviour) and thus, has turned out to be an important aspect in helping marketing and sale teams to recognize sales opportunities. The demographic targeting and engagement can result in more productivity and increased revenue.

Lead management strategies, including lead nurturing, lead scoring and market automation, will improve upon the sales figures drastically. Above all, Marketo has superb potential for multi-channel marketing. So, grab the opportunity and improve upon the marketing returns. Feel free to share what are your Marketo Best Practices that have helped you leverage Marketo!