5 Ways Timely Data Health Check Redoubles Your Marketing Performance and ROI

Periodic data health check is an essential practice to ensure clean data for better targeting, engagement and conversion. Here, we will discuss how to audit data and best practices to follow for data cleansing in order to maintain the quality and accuracy of data and thus, improve your campaign performance, conversion and ROI.

If your lead contact database contains a considerable number of outdated, invalid, incomplete and duplicate records, then, chances are that your lead scoring could be inaccurate and you may be spending more than you need to thanks to such poor data health. Poor data health will lead your campaigns to unsuitable or wrong contact details – as a result, your marketing campaigns will try to engage people who might not be interested in your product, service or offers, or who might report your emails and content as spam.

We’ve identified five ways that clean data can help your marketing performance and your marketing ROI:

Clean data helps in better Lead Scoring and Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics tools enable businesses to distinguish the ideal audience and accounts they need to focus on. Recently, marketers take into account more data points than job titles, in order to take a deep dive into their prospects. The more details they get, they more accurately they can score customers and map them into the right nurturing plan – and the better they get to know their buying behavior and buying intentions. Thus, marketers need to keep incorporating into their database an extensive range of fields which will help them to perform better lead scoring.

Clean data aids in buyers-driven campaigns

Accurate and clean contact dataset benefits marketers with intelligent information that lets them segment contacts based on prospects’ engagement and intentions. The better marketers can segment, classify, and personalize, the more effectively they can target their prospects and lead them through the buying phase. In that way, businesses can achieve better engagement and deliver more personalized content and experience and run lesser risks of unsubscription.

Clean data enables better optimization

Periodic data cleansing and data health check maintenance routine, businesses can ready database for scheduling, scoring and nurturing using their marketing automation platform more efficiently. Apart from that, marketers, users or business owners gain accurate insights and better reporting functionalities.

Clean data boosts performance

Once bad, duplicate, inaccurate or null data is eliminated with a data cleansing process, marketers can focus on completing incomplete data and incorporating with up-to-date. Thus, it is only clean contact records which will enable them to align the right information and content with the right contacts who would be interested and engaged with the communications. In other words, if your marketing campaigns are failing to target or to catch the pulse of the audience, despite relevant and useful content being communicated, it is time to do a data health check and data cleansing.

Enhanced account based marketing

After you have scored your leads, identified them as high-value prospects and want to put them nurturing program – you need to delve deeper on high-value customers to bridge all the communication gaps and feed them with the right information, tips, guides, updates and resources at the right time. Deep account-based marketing needs coordination between sales, marketing and customer service team and updating data collected on accounts from each end of ABM operations. When data collected from all the teams are incorporated, updated and modified in the database, marketers can take well-informed actions and strategies in pursuing key accounts.

Do you find this information useful? If you are interested in going to the next step and get tips on data cleansing and improve data accuracy – read our next blog post on how to do your own data cleansing and health check.

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