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5 Tips to Master Email Marketing

For Marketers, email marketing is one of the important marketing tactics that provide direct line of communication from conversion to sale. At one end, many believe it to be an old-fashioned technique while at other end; it is believed to a powerful tactic, when used with strong content marketing approach.

Email marketing indeed moves conversation about business to a personal environment. It is a direct line of communication that turns up conversation to sale. Moreover, it is a cost-effective technique that brings upon improved returns. So, if you want to move from conversation to commerce let the wand of email marketing spell its charm and attract visitors.

I found these 5 simple tips that helped and my customer with mastering email marketing.

1. Segmenting Audience with Clear Goal

Defining a clear goal is one of the important steps for effective and successful email marketing. Keeping the same in mind, marketers need to segment audience on basis of age, gender, site usage, geographic location, email engagement, etc. The segmentation makes sure that the campaign message is delivered to the right people.

2. Compelling Headline with Personalized and Relevant Content

Marketers should also keep in mind that headline or subject line should be attractive enough to attract viewers to open and read the email. Once opened, it should have quality and relevant content with personalized message. The clear and concise message sans jargons should be delivered.

3. Brand Optimization

The email should use brand names in field forms, display logo completely, reflect the design of website, use brand colours and email address from recognized domain. Such an optimized message presents clear information with vivid images to make prospects aware of the same.

4. Creating Call-to-Action

A well designed email should always have a clear call-to-action such that after conveying the right message to right people, it can instigate them to take an action and proceed further. It should be an appropriate location.

The design of the mail should lead users towards call-to-action. High lightening the same to make it grab attention is considered to be a lot effective. Creating a sense of urgency and making it persuasive is further believed to be lot helpful.

5. Tracking the Analytics

It is just not important to design in an email, but also to look into the related stats to check out open-rate and click-through to analyze the real growth. The figures would give you the clear insight of the success of the campaign. These numbers would also be useful in measuring returns of email campaigns, based on leads, sales and other activities.

These simple yet powerful 5 tips can be the main foundation of your email marketing too and you could definitely improve upon brand identity and online visibility using this simple, easy and cost-effective marketing technique. Would love to know if there are some other tips which you found would be great to go in this list!