five reasons why your landing page is not converting
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5 Reasons Why Your Landing Page is Not Converting

Is your landing page unable to generate the expected conversion rate? If yes, then that’s a major reason for concern. Irrespective of the industry, digital advancement has made marketing the pillar behind an organization’s success. If you are failing at the initial stage of digital marketing, it is time to rethink.

The website page that you have built with a specific purpose to drive traffic towards your business goal is known as the landing page. The objective of a landing page is to convert your potential customers into leads. You need to create it very carefully, in a way that obliges the viewers to proceed further and share his/her contact details. Thus it is important to create a well-crafted landing page that is not only target-oriented but has an appealing format with a great copy and eliminates distractions.

So, the question is how to mend your landing page to drive conversion?

The answer to this depends on your target market and their interest. The landing page must be appealing to the target market and should abide by the theme of your business. But here are five generic rules that will guide you through creating that perfect landing page:

1) Impeccable content

A great content that is free of any kind of distraction and is curated with the only motive of generating leads, can bring a huge difference in your conversion rate. Content with links and referrals other than your primary objective can distract your potential customers and navigate them to other pages. To grab your potential customer’s attention, you can use eye-catching templates with related videos, images, colors, font styles, and layout.

An image that successfully illustrates the purpose, offer, and benefits of the page works much better than a lengthy set of words. Also, make sure that you draft a persuasive headline and body that is SEO friendly and not loaded with keywords. Repetitive usage of business-focused words can irritate your reader, pushing them to navigate to a different site. Focus on using powerful words that are convincing and promising and create clear, concise, personalized, and compelling content.

2) Keep your CTA game strong

CTA is the magic button that directly takes your potential customers to the landing page. Thus create an enticing CTA that will tempt your users to click on it. To build a CTA that increases open rate, you need to develop short and impactful content that will fit in a button. To make it stand out, use a contrasting color. An action-oriented and compelling CTA content that also clarifies the benefit of clicking it can drive more conversion rate.

Make your CTA button bold so that it gets noticed easily and place it before and after the body of your message. Also, don’t forget to use white space around the text inside the CTA box to make it look clean and attractive. Moreover, adding a note of urgency will push the user to take action right away as they will sense limited availability of the offer.

3) Rationalize your form

The main purpose of the form on the landing page is to gather information about your potential customer to further promote your business. Failing to convince the user to fill the form creates a bottleneck in your marketing campaign strategy. Thus to keep the process flowing, you will need to generate an interesting form that is not too long and neither too short. Too many questions can scare the reader away, while fewer questions might not serve the purpose.

Your form should only ask for the absolutely necessary information, and the process of filling out the form must be smooth and easy if you want your potential customers to complete it. Also, don’t forget to optimize your form for mobile users and try using a dropdown box to fill as many fields as possible. To analyze your form’s performance, run A/B tests that will also ensure how short or long your form should be.

Your landing page needs a form that can get quality leads and higher sales by collecting the right information from the right customer. Another important thing to consider is to make sure the customer can find the form. Always keep your forms above the fold. 

4) Monitor the metrics

So you have followed all the best practices to create that perfect landing page, but is it really ready to drive conversion? To get an answer to this, you should run it through several tests and monitor the metrics. Conduct a blink test on your page, which means that the page must load within the blink of an eye. If it takes more than five seconds, it will create a higher bounce rate, so try decreasing your landing page load time. Also, to analyze the rate of conversion through your landing page, run it through different adaptive tests, A/B tests, and keep experimenting with your content.

You also need to check on other metrics such as the number of page visits, traffic source, submission rate, and heat mapping. This will help you understand where you are gaining most of your customers and which part of your landing page is engaging them. Based on the result, you can decide which area to focus on and what to neglect.

5) An offer too hard to say no to

The offer that you are willing to give to your audience in return for needed information must be related to your business. It can be developed to solve a specific pain point for your target audience, or just a giveaway to make your potential customers feel important. It should be substantial enough to persuade strangers to provide you with their personal information, and unique to keep you ahead in the trend. Also, to build and maintain trust, remember to guide them seamlessly through the offer and make sure that they land on the right page to avail it.

With these five essential points in check, your landing page can turn a great conversion of potential customers to actual clientele and offer your business a great success. Also, since marketing is all about building great customer relationships, don’t forget that concluding ‘thank you’ note for those who sign up. Adding that small emotional touch to the content will convey your customers how important they are to you and your business, and how their contribution has added to your organization’s growth.