Turn Your Webinar Into a “Lead-Generation Machine” with Marketing Automation

In our previous article, we gave “reasons why” you should use marketing automation to track your webinars. In this article we’ll discuss the different ways to do it.

Topic selection

Marketers can select topics for webinars based on their respective marketing goals. Do you want to offer lucrative incentives to convert your leads? Think about what you could offer in exchange for information, such as a live demo of your products through the webinar. Or rather, consider if you want to establish thought leadership in the market through your webinar content.

You can gain insights from your marketing and customer support teams to know what interests your customers and prospects, and what their problem areas are that you need to focus on – then, you can select a webinar topic around these areas.


With the right marketing automation platform, all the webinar contacts and leads will be automatically updated to the record. Aside from the additional information, here are a few other ways you can build one-on-one rapport with webinar attendees:

  • You can source behavioral statistics on your leads in order to take necessary follow-up actions. For example, you can send a “thank-you” email to all attendees, which may include perks such as links to a recorded version and other readily available resources.

  • Similarly, to those who have registered but not attended but registered, you can follow up with a “miss-you” email, which may also contain a link to the recording of the webinar presentation so that they can still engage with your content and take actions as guided in the webinar.

  • Moreover, marketing automation software assigns score to leads based on their activities and interactions such as, their registration, attendance, no-show, responses to your follow-up communications, visiting your webpages etc. Thus, marketing automation platform helps by adding or deleting your leads and prospects from the email list to an engagement program list when nurturing is required as well as when the leads are ready to purchase. The software will even assign leads to the sales funnel, for sales representatives to follow them up.

In addition to planning, execution, content and messages selection, following up with leads, marketing automation platform is a great tool to reuse, recycle and repurposing the webinar content to retarget the audience. You can reuse the webinar recorded version or the presentation as a SlideShare content or simply embed in your website as a video or on your YouTube channel.

Still later, you can promote the video through your blog to further share and boost engagement with your prospects by repurposing the content.

How are you creating and using your webinars? You can get creative ideas and professional assistance from webinar experts at ShowMeLeads to get your webinar perform and become a lead generation machine. For more information, check out our webinars white paper – or call (408) 502 6765 or connect us via Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to stay on top of all latest trends, updates, and tips on marketing automation platforms

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