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Looking For A Change? Here Are The Top 15 Marketing Jobs That Pay Well

Currently, there are plenty of disciplines that fall under the fields of marketing, and it continues to expand. While there are careers that are more inclined on the technical side, such as onsite SEO, paid campaign management, conversion rate optimization, and many others – several marketing jobs seek people or professionals with creative potential. Such creative marketing jobs may include copywriting, content writing, community management, ideation and creation of videos, social media management, and many others. 

However, the most sought-after and probably top-paying marketing professionals are efficient in handling both the science and the art aspects of both marketing jobs. 

In addition to offering a wide range of opportunities in this field, professionals can also make their way to senior marketing profiles and high-paying opportunities. To understand how you can build a successful and high-paying career in the marketing segment, you need to be clear about what “high-paying” jobs are and what pay packages, responsibilities, and expectations are involved in those “high-paying” jobs.

What Are “High-Paying” Marketing Jobs?

Based on data from various job sites, compensation resources, and other sources, we have found several marketing job profiles with high-income potential. The job titles included within this range of marketing fields are usually higher than the median household income in the United States. 

So, the question is, which marketing jobs and profiles fall under this range of high-paying categories of marketing jobs? Let’s find out those jobs in detail with the detailed breakdown of the job duties. 

  • Chief Marketing Officer

Job duties: The main responsibility of the Chief Marketing Officer is overseeing the entire organization’s marketing and advertising activities. Their prime goal is to increase a brand’s sales through effective marketing and advertising. Their duties include conducting market research, marketing budget management, managing the in-house marketing team and subcontractors, and the rollout of marketing and ad campaigns.

  • Corporate Communications Director

Job duties: Corporate communications directors manage and create the brand’s messaging and deliver that messaging via press releases, internal communications, corporate speeches and presentations, media responses, and many other channels. They manage a team that develops and executes the communications strategy they have strategized.

Usually, corporate communications directors must at least have a bachelor’s degree and extensive experience in public relations, media, and/or communications.

  • Marketing Research Director

Job duties: Marketing research directors’ responsibilities include overseeing a market research team to analyze the organization’s competitors, industry, and customers. They work with multiple functions and teams across the organization and share their insights. They also offer recommendations and create guidelines to optimize a brand’s marketing efforts to ensure that the overall marketing strategy is launched in the right direction. The profile of the market research director is both a quantitative and analytical role in which they must possess a bachelor’s degree or higher degree in marketing or a related field along with a strong proficiency in marketing analytics and research.

  • Director of Email Marketing

Job duties: The job duties of email marketing directors include developing, designing, and launching email marketing strategies. All this is done to connect and engage with customers and prospects to increase brand awareness, traffic, customer engagement, and sales. They also manage a creative team including copywriters, email designers, and email/web developers to craft emails and a marketing analytics team to optimize email campaigns for greater results.

Email marketing directors generally possess experience in email marketing of around 10+ years and experience in web design, content development, and marketing analytics.

  • Director of Digital Marketing

Job duties: Directors of digital marketing are responsible for supervising an organization’s digital marketing strategy, enhancing online brand visibility, increasing conversions and revenue from digital campaigns. The director of digital marketing creates the digital marketing strategy for digital advertising campaigns, email marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and other campaigns. They manage a team of marketing managers to implement that strategy and monitor the analytics to optimize the strategy to drive the best results for the brand.

Typically, directors of digital marketing have more than 10 years of experience in various digital marketing campaigns. They are expected to stay updated on the latest marketing trends, Martech tools, and best practices.

  • Content Marketing Director

Job duties: Content marketing directors are responsible for all things content. That includes content strategy, content development, content scheduling, content distribution and marketing, and managing a content team. Based on the business and content strategy, they manage a wide range of content mediums, including blog posts, whitepapers and ebooks, social media content, and video content. Typically content marketing directors possess a bachelor’s or a higher degree, and they start their career as content creators or editors. They also manage teams, direct reports and analytics, and content strategies.

  • Creative Director

Job duties: Creative directors’ roles and responsibilities require making sure that the creative juices of the advertising and marketing departments are flowing in the right direction of campaigns. Creative directors work with several team members such as graphic designers, copywriters, email marketers, social media marketers, and sales teams. Creative directors adopt the right creative visions for products, services, or the brand by creating a cohesive campaign look. They also take up other responsibilities, such as hiring freelancers, subcontractors, and full-time designers or copywriters to execute their creative visions.

  • Product Marketing Manager

Job duties: Product marketing managers are typically responsible for developing and discussing presentation points with sales representatives to improve product sales. They develop sales collateral to coach sales professionals to market products the best way for upselling, subscription/service renewals, and generating new business.

Product marketing managers perform research, brand or product positioning, sales messaging, launching new products, and continuing marketing efforts. They are responsible for devising and executing marketing strategies to generate awareness and interest by communicating the features and functionalities of new products to customers in an easier-to-understand manner. 

  • Demand Generation Manager

Job duties: The role of a demand generation manager is a multifaceted role that includes all marketing initiatives for generating demand for a product, service, or brand, whether for B2C or B2B campaigns. Their duties can include driving new leads through a content campaign, creating buzz around new product launches using influencer marketing partnerships, developing loyalty programs, converting first-time customers into repeat customers.

Typically, demand generation managers possess significant experience in several marketing roles, marketing platforms, and strategies. 

  • Brand Marketing Manager

Job duties: Brand marketing managers oversee the brand image of an organization by managing the brand strategy to make sure that products, campaigns, events, and other approaches are in sync with the main brand vision and how the business wants to be received by the targeted demographic.

The role includes creativity as well as analytic prowess to analyze the performance of different marketing initiatives and also, devise ways to optimize future endeavors. Generally, brand marketing managers possess a bachelor’s degree in marketing with three to five years of experience working in a more junior brand marketing role.

  • Data Analyst

Job duties: Data analysts’ role requires them to collect, analyze, and interpret data for various business functions. The data analysts perform data collection and interpretations and often, provide business and marketing recommendations.

  • Data Scientist

Job duties: The role of data scientists is to collect, interpret, and present information in easy to comprehend and stipulated formats to convey statistical risks of business decisions. They are responsible for giving business recommendations to top marketing, finance, and operational executives and other stakeholders regarding business development decisions, budgeting, and finance decisions.

  • Global Marketing Manager

Job duties: Global marketing managers take up the role of overseeing a brand’s international presence. They watch and manage the operations of multiple marketing managers who are responsible for different regional markets.

Global marketing managers are usually found in larger corporations that have an extensive geographic sales reach. Duties include working with partners from diverse backgrounds, establishing and maintaining relationships, and the skill to learn and understand new regions and markets. Hence, it often requires travel!

  • Digital Strategist

Job duties: Digital strategists are responsible for identifying a business’s goals to devise and execute various digital marketing initiatives. They are also responsible for solving problems related to traditional and modern digital marketing services by using digital tactics.

  •  Account Manager

Job Duties: Account managers work for marketing agencies or with publishing companies. Their primary job duties and responsibilities include managing a book of business consisting of one or multiple clients. They can be working toward upselling or performing sales renewals to make the clients meet stipulated sales goals and manage clients’ campaigns to ensure their marketing and advertising goals are met.