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8 Things to Double-Check Before You Begin Your Next Campaign Analysis

Instead of addressing the mistakes commonly made during analysis, I think it’s important to look into the mess you can create even before your analysis begins. In order to properly collect data, there are several things you need to set up a certain way. Some of these considerations are specific to your company, and your data […]

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7 Secrets to a Successful Scoring Model

Lead scoring is a valuable system to make the sales team more efficient through pre-qualification and prioritization, and if done right, can be an unfair advantage in your market. It’s critical to get your scoring model off to a strong start and to develop its accuracy over time. Following are key steps for successful scoring: […]

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How to Push Existing Leads Through the Funnel Faster

You’ve caught a prospect’s interest, they’ve spent time on your web page, attended free seminars or whatever, but how do you speed up the process of moving them through your marketing funnel? Now that you know they are a quality lead, you can invest some effort into accelerating them through your marketing process. Follow these […]

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