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5 Ways to Generate Sales Qualified Leads on a Limited Budget

If you are a small business and feel overwhelmed by the various aspects of modern marketing strategies, not to mention the huge expense behind it; here is something to make your day. The digital transformation of the marketing sector has opened up numerous scopes for businesses to nurture their leads and develop their brand image. […]

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Email A/B Testing – 3 Simple Variables to Test

Email A/B testing is an important marketer’s tool when it comes to understanding what works for your brand and for your audience.  The insights gained from the testing allow you to see what your audience connects to. With regular A/B testing, you can understand and implement the tested components that resonated with your customers. Over […]

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Increase ROI by Integrating Marketing Automation and CRM

If you are a marketer motivated by increased Return on Investment (ROI), you need to know how to best leverage your people, tools, and processes. Although there are many key steps to this process as a whole, integrating a full-featured marketing automation tool with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) will create the foundation for establishing and […]

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7 Secrets to a Successful Scoring Model

Lead scoring is a valuable system to make the sales team more efficient through pre-qualification and prioritization, and if done right, can be an unfair advantage in your market. It’s critical to get your scoring model off to a strong start and to develop its accuracy over time. Following are key steps for successful scoring: […]

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