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Recycle Content and Offers Using Content Snippets

Many business owners and marketers create killer content and push it to the 10 different digital assets immediately – and then, forget it. Consider this: what if some of the targeted readers and consumers were not online or missed the update when the content was flashed for the first time?

Sadly, that’s how many bloggers and marketers mistakenly draw an abrupt end to their content’s shelf life, even when it can continue performing. So, how to reuse it over and over again? Here, we have spilled the beans for you.

One smart trick to expand the shelf-life of your content is to create several content snippets and distribute those across all digital channels. And that’s when a marketing automation tool is what you need to accelerate and beef up the process.

A marketing automation tool lets you reuse content by automating the promotional activities. It also saves huge time and the effort of manually editing all your digital assets and embedding snippets on emails, autoresponders, landing pages, thank you pages, websites, microsites, social channels and elsewhere.

Whether it’s old or new content you want to distribute, all you need is the right type of content snippet that sparks interest among your readers. So, what are snippets and how do they work?

Types of content snippets

A content snippet is not just a tiny part randomly cropped off your main content. Best examples of crowd-pulling content snippets can be –

  1. Notable quotes from an article
  2. A small slice of graphical presentation
  3. A tabular presentation of statistics
  4. Ratings and stars
  5. Bullet points
  6. An industry influencer’s opinion on the content
  7. Tweets on the content or snippet of Facebook comment on posts
  8. An infographic created on the main points cited in the content
  9. The main feature image of the content
  10. Short variation of the title
  11. A question based on the content to instigate opinions/comment/feedback

How to promote content snippet?

3 simple exercises to get what you wanted from content snippets:


So, you are planning to spread snippets across all your digital assets, everywhere your targeted audience is looking for updates, new e-books, whitepapers, webinars, videos, podcasts and others. First things first: utilize marketing automation software to customize as per the digital platform you are targeting (for example, email, social shares, website sidebars, etc.).

A great perk of using marketing automation software is that it will enable you to customize as per the targeted segment of the leads such as, the geography, time zone, language, areas of interests among other. Customize the look, design and the message of the snippet to the targeted segment of leads.


After you have finalized the design and the message, next comes the execution part. Schedule and automate the content snippet for the span of a week or two. Marketing automation engines let you schedule the entire process and target the time slots and zones which you might have missed the last time (if you are reusing an old content).

Once scheduled, your content will be populated across all your emails, social media profiles, landing pages, microsites and where you want, without having you to manually edit all your digital assets. Thus, you can save enormous time in content marketing by reusing content snippets, and by leveraging marketing automation software.


The third phase of reusing content with marketing automation platforms is measurement. Monitor and track the click data of snippets and the volume of traffic generated to measure the success and failure of all snippets. If the content started performing well and again, you can continue running snippets or experiment with a new set of snippets.

So, why are you waiting? Pick your new whitepaper or dig deeper into Google Analytics (or any social analytics) you use to extract the content that garnered high volume of traffic and engagement to create reusable content snippets.