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How to Simplify Your Complex Event Programs Using Marketing Automation?

Managing event programs are not too easy. Many times, marketers have to face the issues regarding complex event programs. In order to help them at such stages, marketing automation has turned out to be helpful by offering them the tools that could manage the data and provide the relevant information to improve upon the overall performance.

There are numerous marketing applications that could be set at program level, campaign level and lead level to assist marketers in taking informed decisions, by keeping strict eye over crucial parameters. The tokens help in saving time and personalizing information.

Program token can be used throughout landing pages and email. They are convenient to use as you need to set up the value once at program level and then, fill in whenever the token is used. These token can also be used at the lead level, making the process of sending mails or content easier and simpler.

The stats were made simpler by showcasing the marketing automation roadshow program across 10 cities with different customers and prospects in each track.

Each program contains a registration page, a ton of smart campaigns, invites, reminders, confirmation mail, etc. The basic processes and assets remain the same for different programs and hence, need not be changed every time.

The details that are different across cities, like date, city, agenda, speaker, hotel, direction, etc. were to be changed in these pages. Hence, the tokens were used to capture the details across different cities with information formatted.

How tokens can be used to simplify complex event programs:

Tokens contain a lot of information, thus bringing up the value for our agenda. They appear in multiple places throughout the program, including ICS files and landing pages. The most remarkable point about these tokens is that if there are any changes made, the value changes instantly at every place.

To exactly know the power of these token, you could apply them to registration page, where tokens could be used for city specific information. Now, what one needs to do is to update the token in programs for each city and the information is easily dispersed throughout. Hence, you could successfully use these tokens to carry out large scale programs and can deal with the problem in a smarter way.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t you want to enjoy the advantages of these tokens to turn complex events into simple ones? Use marketing automation platform and make the things easier and simpler to improve upon overall returns.