How to Optimize Email Content for Any Screen Size?

It is beyond a shadow of a doubt  that email is still a top marketing channel to reach your market. With the growth of mobile devices, email content needs to be properly adjusted accordingly in order to properly be viewed, received and opened. Your email or website needs to have a responsive design such that it can be easily read on any screen size.

Responsive designs attract more audience, allowing marketers to take advantage of increasing use of mobile devices. If the email content is not optimized, it is clear that mobile users will not tolerate or engage. Thus, it is a must to adapt to this changing consumer behavior and thus, mobile marketing should be integrated into the overall marketing plans in order to reach these users via their mobile devices.

It is advisable to look into the consideration with regard to design, campaign and content optimization strategies to come up with improved user experience.

Design Optimization

The font size should be generous enough to be read by viewers. The headline should be set to 22 points and body copy should be at least 14 point. When it comes to design optimization, a single column responsive layout should be looked into. Two column emails work best on laptops and tablets, as mobile operating systems will not scale the content to fit into the screen size.

Hence, one should look into mobile optimization aspects to enhance readability as well as user experience. The email clients might not appreciate lack of standardization and thus, may have negative impact on the responsiveness and growth of their business.

Another important aspect that plays a significant role is Call-to-Action. It should be well placed, attractive and usable. Depending upon the needs, it may vary. At the same time, give preference to left-aligned text.

Content Optimization

The content of the email also plays an important role in effective email marketing strategies. The subject lines should be precise and attractive, containing a compelling reason to pay attention. In mobile email optimization, pre-headers are also crucial.

The content of the mail should further be optimized to fit into any screen size. In order to engage mobile users, it is a must to limit the amount of copy. The mail should contain your direct message. The use of images or or number of images should be carefully looked into, as mobile users find it difficult to view emails with images. Click-to-call capabilities should also be considered.

Campaigns Optimization

The time of delivery should be carefully planned. Marketers should monitor delivery analytics results to know the optimal time of delivery for the group of customers.

Mobile email marketers should also fetch information about customer location and real-time purchase patterns, using advanced technologies. Thus, it is important to manage the campaign to improve upon the success rate.

Would love to know what is your strategy of leveraging this new boulevard?