How to Maximize Lead Generation by Integrating Webinars with Marketing Automation

Webinars, or webcasts, are seminars that are broadcast live over the internet. Webinars are a form of free online content that you can offer to attract more leads, and more sales, than any other online content.

Webinars are generally educational, mini-course online videos that impart various kinds of tips and training. As well, they are extremely interactive, enabling viewers to ask questions, post comments live and get answers from presenters and speakers, right when the show is running.

That’s why about 20% of webinar attendees can be converted into customers for your product or services. As live content, webinars enable viewers to pay greater attention to the content than blog articles, emails, or newsletters, and so typically, viewers do not miss any information. And greater engagement leads to greater conversion.

A study by the webinar and web conferencing platform ReadyTalk reported that webinars are capable of generating as many as 20% to 40% of an organization’s qualified leads, and more than 60% of B2B businesses rely in webinars to generate leads. This lead generation potential can be significantly increased by integrating webinars with a marketing automation platform.

Why use a marketing automation platform for webinars?

With a marketing automation platform, the benefits and prospects of lead generation can be multiplied in the following ways:

  1. It’s possible to automate all the emails for a webinar,  including first and subsequent invite emails, confirmation emails, reminder emails, post-webinar emails well in advance of the event. This saves time all through the process.

  2. With emails automated well in advance, marketers can dedicate their time to creating engaging, educational and goal-driven content for webinars as well as working on growing email lists.

  3. With marketing automation software, marketers get all data on the number of registered users, attendees, no-shows and leads generated through webinar events automatically with the platform. With insights and data available, marketers can avoid repeating emails and offers to same group of recipients. They can sort through people who have registered with the first email and send subsequent invite mails to those who have not registered; similarly, marketers can track of attendees who inquired or showed interests and requested for video recordings of webinars etc.

  4. Marketers can also create multiple landing pages and forms for various stages of invite, registration, confirmation, and for other purposes. With prior planning of designs, templates, messaging and content for their landing pages, marketers can effectively attract and engage their targeted audience and achieve their marketing goals with webinars.

  5. Keeping track of which contacts and subscribers express interest in which offers and products enables marketers to further personalize their messaging. Also, marketers can access products and email contacts that are generating more revenues and optimize marketing campaigns based on those insights.

A marketing automation platform helps running webinar events right from the beginning, from the selection of engaging topics to repurposing content, tracking conversions, and more.

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