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How to Get More from Your Marketo Engage like a Marketo Rockstar?

We know how our Marketo Engage systems work wonders in everything we do, starting from segmentation, email personalization, managing intricate campaigns, sending direct mails, and plenty of other marketing activities. However, there are a plethora of features and goodies within Marketo Engage that we are yet to fully utilize or even use at all. 

If you are looking for a set of Marketo Engage features and tools that can empower your team to start using this marketing automation platform like a Rockstar – then here it is. Check out this following roundup of tools to start getting more from your Marketo Engage. 


Cloning tools can surely empower your Marketo Engage Users. A huge benefit of choosing Marketo Engage is adding this capacity for cloning to your efforts. Though it seems to be a modest feature, it can help your marketing team save a considerable amount of time by simply cloning similar parts and assets of your marketing campaigns and programs. All you have to do is create a ‘Center of Excellence’ in Marketo Engage to allow other users to clone from pre-built units. 

Cloning will not only save time and efforts that could be spent in similar campaigns or programs, but will also enable Marketo Engage users to ensure consistency and keep your user experience free of fuss and troubles, irrespective of anything your team needs to build. 

Moreover, wouldn’t it nice to have a feature that does not require much hardcore technical expertise to build all your programs and campaigns? Once you delegate a team member to build the COE for your Marketo Engage user experience, then the rest of the team can start working and building other campaigns by cloning from the pre-built COE.


Tokens are another great set of tools that can save a sizable amount of time – how? Surprisingly as one of the most underutilized tools in Marketo Engage, Tokens can benefit your team in several ways including:

  1. Utilizing program tokens to save time in launching event programs, as much as from four hours to around 40 to 50 minutes.

  2. Use Tokens for a specific copyright year in your highest-level folder under which all programs will incorporate the same copyright year. Also, your Marketo Engage team can modify the year and quickly get changes implemented on all assets, as and when needed.

  3. If a webinar and email are created for a particular service, solution, or product, implementing the Tokens for the “From” field and “Reply-To” field will replicate the persons information in these two fields for either webinar or email. In addition to these two fields, you can also apply Tokens to replicate other details that will remain the same for a webinar program such as webinar location, webinar heading, date and time, and also the speaker profile.

  4. By implementing Tokens in programs, you heighten your team’s efficiency and eradicate the risks of slightest errors, thus improving your programs’ accuracy.

  5. You can also use Tokens to apply personalized elements such as a personalized revenue calculator. Create tokens to deliver specific revenue calculations in every email for your high-value prospects. Once set, each of your high-value prospects can get personalized ROI reports. You can get those prospects to fill out an ROI calculator form, and send them an automated ROI calculation email. In another scenario, we use progressive profiling in your Marketo Engage forms to capture information over time. Our campaign managers can then calculate the projected ROI with our product, input it into Salesforce, and send the information through Marketo Engage.

Email Script Tokens

Email Script Tokens can empower your team to achieve advanced personalization. Research findings have proven that our customers and prospects expect us to deliver them useful and relevant information, resources, and solutions. At that, email script tokens in a Marketo Engage instance can enable you to utilize different types of objects that are related to your email engagement programs such as surveys, helpdesk tickets, webinars and other events, and many others. These email script tokens can assist you in creating personalized and accurate emails at scale!


Snippets can become your go-to when it comes to achieving constant branding for your business. As one of the best features of Marketo Engage, these tools can help you in various ways including –

  • Allowing you to apply snippets to your individual emails to create static content.
  • Creating dynamic content when you apply snippets to a segment of the audience for a set of automated emails.
  • Allowing you to add snippets to specific parts of your emails, which are common in every email. This can include social media icons, logo, copyright, privacy policy, corporate address, the link for unsubscribing, and other footer information.
  • You can also use it to customize regional information of your different branch locations by adding “Country” snippets in your segmentation. Leverage this snippet to adjust geolocation address, country-centric logo URL, country-centric social links, in the footer, and other information in the footer specific to each country location.

One of the best parts of applying snippets to your engagement program is that once a snippet is created, you can utilize the snippet in multiple parts and marketing campaigns whenever you need to incorporate a specific set of information to any segment – all you have to do is to update the changes once, and it will be reflected in all snippets, even those already applied.

Dynamic Content

The Dynamic Content tool in Marketo Engage is a great tool to perform language localization. As one of the most impactful Marketo Engage features, the Dynamic Content tool will allow you to reference specific demographics, consumer behavior, specific verticals, lines of products or services, regional languages, subscriber job titles and roles, and more. Otherwise, you would need to manually update this content for each user or group.

Marketo Engage’s Dynamic Content tool also enables you to customize content based on the feedback of your customers and prospects. For example, you can deliver your business communications in customers’ regional languages with relevant images in each email to achieve optimum localized communications and content.

Setting up and applying dynamic content might take some time. However, once implemented,, it can produce noticeable impacts in terms of improved customer engagement and revenue growth in your marketing campaigns. 

Many marketers tend to avoid the Dynamic Content tool due to the time-consuming and intricate implementation process it involves. However, when used, it will generate heightened content personalization and save a significant amount of time in the long run.

In addition to these awesome Marketo Engage tools, you also need to consider greater use of Marketo Engage’s API and webhooks. One of the many amazing uses of Marketo Engage’s API is that you can extract different landing pages all at once to target specific customer segments and achieve bulk updates to snippets, forms, templates, and many other items programmatically. 

Find out more about what a Marketo Engage Webhook is and how to make the most uses of Marketo Engage’s Webhook tool.


Do you find these tools can empower your Marketo Engage experience and yield better results from your Marketo Engage investment? Do you need assistance in setting up and implementing these smart tools in your Marketo Engage instance? 

Get our Marketo Engage certified campaign execution experts to set these tools up for you so that you can evade the complexities and save time in Marketo Engage implementation while witnessing increased results and revenue from your Marketo Engage investment. 

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