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How Outsourcing Marketo Campaign Execution Can Drive Business Growth During a Crisis?

We are living in unprecedented times, and none of us have seen anything like what the world is facing right now. The economic crisis caused due to  COVID-19 is real, and it is adversely affecting businesses in every sector. But on the positive side, organizations have expedited their marketing operations to keep up with the current situation.
In present times, marketing leaders are facing the challenge of maintaining restrictive budgets while still scaling operations.
While budgets are small, the question remains if one should spend time and money on training and recruitment or outsource their operations to known experts.
Recruitment and training are more time consuming and do not assure the best results all the time. Outsourcing Marketo operations to an experienced agency, on the other hand, will avoid multiple issues.

Let’s find out the benefits of outsourcing.

Reduced Cost and Time

As per the US Bureau of Statistics, around 70% of an employee’s wage comes from their salary. The remaining 30% is spent on benefits and taxes in the wage package.
Is there a way to save on this 30%?
Sure there is! Investing in an agency rather than adding additional in-house marketing resources will take care of your overhead costs.
Hiring the right resource with technical expertise is a challenge. And this is without accounting for the time that goes into training them.
By outsourcing the process, Marketo Certified Experts take over all the repetitive and time-consuming activities, which leaves you free to focus on business strategies.

Improved Efficiency and ROI

The expertise of an agency lies in their specialization and experience with handling complicated tasks. Thus, you can gain the advantage of getting your campaign managed by a team of skilled Marketo Certified Experts.
The firms with high Marketo management expertise that stay in business are the ones that are able to create prosperous relationships with their clients by driving growth and ROI.

Maintained Consistency

Outsourcing Marketo Campaign Management Services means you are partnering with people who are efficient and skilled in their roles. A professional will establish deadlines, time tables, deliverables, milestones, and program completion. They will always create high-quality marketing campaigns.

They want to retain your business, and the only way to properly do that is by delivering consistently and in a timely manner.

Latest Automation Strategies to Scale Up Your Operations

While the industry is undergoing a rapid change, upgrading technology and skills to handle operations has become the only constant.
Learning a new Marketo skill or finding the right talent with an expert skill set takes a considerable amount of time. The opportunity lost in learning about new technology and the right implementation is big.

Partnering with agencies who already are Marketo Certified Experts will help you navigate through disruptive changes.
Your partner agency will be able to help you chalk out realistic goals and execute flawless campaigns to drive ROI.
If you are still confused about the big question, “Hire or outsource?” then ask yourself these questions :

  • Is managing your day-to-day Marketo campaign operation a core aspect of your business growth?
  • Does the current crisis put you in a position to save on cost while still pushing for results?
  • Can you afford to spend time training an expert and also manage the cost?

Once your goal is clear, the answer to the question is simple.

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