Gmail Promotions Tab Is Now Email Marketers’ Friend – Here’s How to Get the Most of It

Gmail Promotions Tab Is Now Email Marketers’ Friend – Here’s How to Get the Most of It

Since inception in 2013, the Gmail Promotions tab has been widely familiar among account owners as well we as email marketers. The Promotions tab is now turning out to be a great friend of email marketers by presenting them a plethora of opportunities to make their emails more prominent in Gmail’s Promotions tab. Since Gmail has rolled out a bunch of updates, email marketers should refocus on the Promotions tab to get more from this email client than before.

So, how did the Gmail Promotions tab become email marketers’ friend?

Gmail allows users to organize their inbox according to the types and sources of the emails they receive. Now, Gmail enables prioritizing promotional emails from frequent or favorite senders under the ‘Top Picks’ section. Both the ‘Top Picks’ and ‘Top Deals’ sections under Gmail tab are being used by innumerable Gmail users. So, what makes these ‘Top Pick’ and ‘Top Deal’ sections friends of email marketers? The major update in Gmail Promotions tab presents email marketers with a new and improved visual opportunity to provide greater value to email client users. And it also allows Gmail subscribers to view images and promotional deals embedded in emails.

Important and useful promotional emails for subscribers

This improved Gmail Promotions tab especially benefits all those organizations that offer the most value to their audience by allowing them to place their email message in a more visible spot in the Promotions tab as well as a greater visual means of placing their offers.

Gmail leverages machine learning to identify the most useful email messages for email subscribers and categorize subscribers into groups by themes or topics under “Top Picks” and “Top Deals”. The bundled email offers additional functionalities and information that are similar to email subject lines, such as: featured image, promotional codes, and deal expiration dates. These features help marketers make special offers and messages clearly prominent to their subscribers even before they open their emails on Gmail. According to Jordan Grossman, Product Manager of Gmail, “The new promotions tab rewards brands that send truly valuable email by making them easier to find with a richer means of delivering that value.” This latest Gmail update is accessible to all Gmail mobile-based email users from iOS and Android platform and will roll out to Gmail’s web email client early next year.

Better opportunity to be seen from Gmail Promotions Tab

This new .tab update will enable marketers to make their emails stand out amidst competition and to help find their niche. Marketers will gain full control over the visual appearance of their emails and messages within the bundle – here is how marketers can make the most of their emails by customizing:

“Green deal” badge

This “Green deal” badge allows marketers to  spread the email messaging to include details on offers such as, “Free Shipping” “Limited 40% Off”, “Buy 2 get 2 free” etc. the best part is that Gmail does not limit marketers with stringent character limits. However, marketers need to be careful about the total characters in one line so that the badge will not be cut off if the message is too long. That’s why it is best to test by viewing a preview to see how the text message with badge appears.


This logo feature now allows marketers to make their emails stand out by flashing their logo image with their email messages. The logo feature lets email marketers display their logos in the preview of the email and makes it easier for their audience to spot their emails from the bundle of ‘Top Picks’ or ‘Top Deals’ section, with just a quick glance.

Image Preview

It is time to say goodbye to the text-only Gmail Promotions tab with this new update. Marketers can now include custom images with their emails related to the product or any lifestyle imagery related to their targeted audience to visually enhance their email and to pique subscribers’ interests.

Expiration date

The expiration date feature will let marketers highlight the expiration dates of their deals.. This feature is an impactful tool to create a sense of urgency among subscribers to help inspire them to take action

Grey badge

Email marketers can leverage this this field to feature their special discount code offers and make those stand out in the deal preview. The field is made optional so that marketers can skip the field if they do not have any special discount code to offer or feature.

Featuring Emails ‘More Than Once’

Setting an expiration date on offers will now give Gmail-based emails more opportunities to get those featured from the top of the bundle. The email will first get featured when it is sent initially and then the email will be highlighted again when it is nearing the expiration date. Thus, marketers will get two major opportunities to feature their emails before subscribers and get additional windows of opportunities to generate interest among their subscribers, without needing to schedule multiple email sends.

Enriched Previews

Though all promotional emails can be featured from the bundle, however, the enriched preview option that features the logo, personalized image, and custom deal details will help marketers display when they annotate the email HTML. The annotation occurs through the custom part of JSON code which specifies offer details including the type of deal, coupon codes, featured images or any other specifics.

Easier Email Annotation

Marketers who have yet to master JSON code for their emails get a special surprise with the Gmail Promotions tab update. This update will free marketers from writing JSON codes as Gmail offers the tools they require for annotating their emails without needing to learn the coding skills.

Do you need help making the most of these new features and functionalities of the Gmail Promotions tab to create the most engaging emails? We are here to help guide email marketers to make the most of Gmail’s New Promotions Tab, make their emails stand out from the pack, and get more revenue from their email marketing campaigns. All you have to do is to just ask us and how to add more value to your emails – so, let’s chat now.