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Get More out of your Marketing Automation with Interactive Content

Are your campaigns falling a bit flat? Are you not able to attract your audience? You have marketing automation system, but are not able to make most out of it? There are many marketers who come across different hassles due to various reasons.

The most popular of these is caused due to a lack of quality content that attracts viewers. Content marketing is a vital part of marketing campaigns that drive in leads and improve upon lead scoring and lead nurturing. Your marketing efforts needs to have interactive content that could engage your audience and exchange the information.

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Interactive content leads to active engagement that is a two-way experience, where your audience can participate actively. It can be in the form of polls, surveys, personality assessment, quizzes, contests, etc. It can be user generated or marketer generated and can be published on different channels, depending upon the needs and objectives.

Nowadays, social media has turned out to be a remarkable platform to give competitive edge to the growth of businesses. It has given people a tool to participate actively with each other as well with the organization. Designing of content and sharing it across different mediums has turned out to be a remarkable aspect.

Research has shown that interactive content is a powerful tool that increases click through rates by 50%, social sharing rates by 20% and lead form completion rate by 80%. Indeed, it is the next generation of content marketing, where marketers are weaving it into landing pages, websites blogs, email marketing templates and social media channels.

They attract audience, fulfilling the marketing goals from branding to lead generation. Moreover, interactive content also helps to gather relevant information for lead scoring and profile building.

The best way to understand the importance of this type of content is that if marketing automation is the engine, interactive content is the fuel. The content designed should be engaging in nature such that it could grab people’s attention. The user friendly aspect keeps things moving by minimizing leads.

Hence if you want to make your campaign powerful and effective, you need to be ready with interactive content and present it smartly. The use of this type of content not only allows visitors to participate actively, but also increase leads. Hence, the use of this valuable content would help increase traffic, leads and conversion that would in turn lead to improved sales.

So, don’t you want to enjoy these advantages for effective marketing? Don’t you want to drive in more leads using marketing automation tools? Design interactive content and let your visitors join in and participate actively, making your marketing campaign go viral. Improve upon your leads and sales figures using interactive content.