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Customer Score- Leverage your Marketing Automation Tool!

While lead scoring is a great process with which to rank all of your prospects, scoring your current customers may be of much more value in the long run. We’ve long thought of quantity verses quality, but it’s really quality leads that matter more.

By assigning existing customers values, you’ll be able to come up with a profile for your ideal prospect based on what you already know your leads like. Then you’ll be able to send your sales teams in a more accurate direction when chasing down new leads.

We can easily score the online behavior of our prospects with forms, emails, clicks, etc., but how do we score the existing customer? This question creates a whole new scoring arena for marketing automation users. Let’s consider the following for some score methods:

  • Longevity and/or Loyalty Score: Who are our most valued customers? They are the ones who we’ve been doing business with for a long time, the ones who’ve remained loyal to us over time. You might consider then, giving these customers the highest score.
  • Level of Engagement Score: How engaged is your customer? You can glean a lot from your customers by scoring them on how effectively and frequently they use your products or services. Do they attend your events; do they visit your blogs, download white pages from your site? This area will also indicate to you which of your customers is benefitting from the entire product and which has room to grow.
  • Demographic Score: Who is buying your products? Knowing what the mean ages, mean salaries, and locations of your customers are, for example, can help you decide who your most likely client is.
  • Power Score: We can also assign a score to those who hold the most influence over other customers; those who are industry leaders, for example, and those who might open doors for us. Are some of your clients big brands that can lead you to other clientele arenas?
  • Referral Score: Who are the customers most likely to refer your products? Let’s assign them a score to keep track of who is sending you new business.

These are but a few ideas for scoring customers. Do you have anymore? We’d love to hear them.

If you paint a detailed picture of your existing customers, you’ll know with whom you want to be spending the most time. You’ve already gotten your sales and marketing teams speaking the same language with lead scoring, so take it one step further with customer scoring.

You’ll also always have that information on hand at a glance to point you in the right direction when sending your sales teams after leads.

Do you practice customer scoring? What are some of the methodologies you would use? Share them with us and we can discuss.