7 Ways to Build, Scale & Deliver High Quality Marketo Engagement Programs

Marketo provides a great platform that enables marketers and companies to build complex marketing programs that scale. The platform lets users add new content, assets, programs and other components after Marketo is set up. In that way, with Marketo it is really easy to create engagement programs – with some things to consider to get your programs grow and escalate above the rest.

Here are four ways to ensure the growth of your marketing programs with Marketo and escalate your Marketo engagement program:

Building Marketo Programs

1. Collect Insights

If you are not sure how and where to start, it is best to start thinking about your Marketo program by looking for similar marketing programs that are working well and are generating the kinds of results you want to see. Look for areas where you think those programs can be improved such as, abnormal response rates, pipeline attribution or subjective opinion among others. These insights will give you the appropriate data to generate ideas about how you can improve your engagement program and nurture your audience better with your program.

Marketo has discovered a number of ways to promote events and programs, and they’ve gained new insights that make events more engaging. In just one insight, they’ve learned that many virtual event attendees prefer subtitles to engage and absorb information from events. More, Marketo suggests that virtual events are highly interactive and help interacting with prospects, sponsors, and these events also enable marketers to engage their target audience by offering them the ability to download event content, choosing different event sessions, and even by offering them prizes for attending events. Marketers can also use other methods, such as interviews with customers and prospects and internal people, and they can also use periodic reports and others to gain valuable insights.

2. Coordinate with cross-functional teams

The primary difference between small programs and larger, more complex programs is that the larger ones require more coordination and alignment between cross-functional teams. The better marketers are able to coordinate with other teams and use insights from cross-functional teams, the better the results they can create with their programs. By aligning with sales teams, marketers can leverage insights and information from sales reps, and sales reps can gain additional information from the vast resources that Marketo provides, e.g., reports, events etc. — all information that they can use to be more effective salespeople.

Conversely, marketers can better understand their sales teams’ requirements and incorporate those requirements into strategies to improve sales funnel. Then, sales teams can assess those strategies, and collectively, sales and marketing can better align themselves, and in that way they can better align themselves to reach sales and revenue objectives. Thus, collaboration and coordination are the keys to adopt the right Marketo strategies and achieving ROI. Companies can

This kind of cross-pollenization can be used not only with sales teams. Companies can and should also consider other teams and departments for cross-functional team alignment, including customer service teams, business or sales development, customer success, and other teams that can contribute in scaling Marketo programs.

3. Plan Marketo program: take a step back

Companies setting big business goals need to take a step back and evaluate their strategies to understand how to attain their desired goals. However, many companies fail to understand the importance of this step, rather, move forward quickly in order to avoid the time it takes. For example, if you are couple of targeting thousands of people to attend your virtual event, you need to vest in considerable amount of time to brainstorm and weigh your plan to achieve a particular goal. Throughout this process of brainstorming and assessment, your marketing team will come up with a number of effective plans will lead your company to achieve goals you take.

For example, initially you may assume your emails may get you registration from 100 subscribers, but in reality, you get only 10 people to register for your event. In this case, you need to think backwards and rethink and measure effectiveness of your marketing strategies to estimate the right ratio of the number of people you send emails and the number of people actually register for the program. That way, you can set well-measured goals and more functional strategies to chase the number you set.

4. Deploy the right resources

It takes the right pool of talents and resources to pull off the marketing goal you set. No matter whether your team is great in conceiving plans, you need to have the most efficient team players and adequate funds at your disposal to carry out the plan without stumbling in the middle. Getting resources requires discussing with stakeholders and persuading them to provide the resources you need for achieving the set marketing goals. That’s why you need to organize a thoroughly thought out Marketo plan to correctly estimate the right marketing budget and allocation of funds for your business goal.

For this, you need to measure all the aspects of a program by evaluating similar programs you have built previously, and compare those with how those programs performed with that same marketing budget and resources. Factors that companies should measure and analyze can be number of marketing qualified leads, prospects in sales pipeline, attendance rate, cost  of new customer acquisition, new properties such as, names, logos, among others.

Scaling Marketo Programs

Here are few ways we suggest that marketing teams can scale and execute quality Marketo campaigns and boost ROI from those campaigns:

5. Scale cloned content

Expert marketing team players have proficiency of cloning programs along with content and campaign workflow. They spend considerable amount of time in adopting best practices of working with email templates and layouts, content, landing page and any asset to achieve marketing goals within shorter span of time. Marketo enables marketers to save their time in replicating designs in all marketing materials by presenting them with tools to make small changes to templates before execution and scale the performance of programs. That’s why they can simply clone an entire program and change properties such as, location, banners, speakers, date and time as planned for the event from a central location. By modifying and populating schedules and assets of the event, marketers can see remarkable improvements as they iterate variations of events.

6. Scale Marketo campaigns

Evaluating a campaign management process will help your marketing teams spot their flaws and where they can go wrong and mitigate the performance of the campaign. With Marketo’s marketing automation platform, marketers who don’t have design or technical knowledge can make tweaks to the campaigns, programs, visual and textual content which meet company’s requirements. They do not need to create a new template for email and engagement campaigns, instead they can create small, user-friendly templates that can be used and edited by any marketing player without technical or email designing skills. Thus, you can simplify your marketing campaign process and give adequate free time for your designing team for email optimization and email deliverability.

The Marketo platform also enables its users with content rules and pre-designed layouts for all types of campaigns. Thus, marketers can achieve timely execution by saving time in designing and yet, giving creative twist to your programs. Timely execution of your campaign can ensure delivery of the right messages to the right people, by using limited resources. Thus, your company can set the right marketing goals that can be achieved by your marketing teams.

Marketers can also scale their marketing campaigns by utilizing Tokens and dynamic content. Tokens or ‘Merge Fields’ connect to data points referred by system inside marketing automation solution. Tokens allow modifying contacts to details to the respective fields. Using Tokens, marketers can use personalized content for enticing target audience through top trends of any industry. Thus, marketers can simply refer to the field values that are related to the lead database without having to create different emails. They can also change and personalize the content based on specific subscribers in landing pages, email content or other Marketo assets.

7. Scale marketing data

Most marketers and companies spend time in pulling and re-pulling as well as updating lists. On the contrary, they can use centralized data access and personalization options to save significant amount of time, while helping reduce risks of mistakes of messages sent to wrong list of audiences. Marketo is a great engagement program platform that helps improve data scalability with the ability to accessing updated data from centralized locations and accessing leads from various channels, programs, and content.

Apart from that, Marketo also gives marketers the ability to share a preset targeted audience from one platform to multiple channels, including major ones such as Facebook, Google AdWords etc. Thus, marketers can save time from being wasted in accessing and performing various multi-channel campaigns. With the centralized audience management architecture of Marketo, marketers can save valuable time creating relevant and compelling messages and content for the campaign.

Companies need to listen to and interact with their targeted audience’s actions from diverse locations, using a centrally-managing marketing platform in order to deliver rich personalization at greater scale. Thus, they can decrease the number of systems required for delivering personalized and connected messages even though the number of products or solutions they offer tend to expand by every year.

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