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6 Ways to Boost Your Email Marketing Performance with Personalization & Automation [PART I]

If you want your prospects and customers to get more connected with your communications and email messages, but hard to invest adequate time to work on those at your desk, then your business is in need of an email marketing automation software to craft engagement-driven campaigns. Marketing Automation platforms for email marketing can significantly boost email productivity, making it essential for businesses. Why?

Simply put, with automated email marketing campaigns, buyers’ journeys can be mapped, targeted and nurtured with a series of emails scheduled over the course of the journey to progress them toward making purchase decisions. if you are looking for ideas on emails for automated lead nurturing journeys, following examples can give you cues.

Welcome email series

The personalized and automated email journey should commence with welcoming new subscribers to introduce to the brand, latest features, product updates and deals. Hence welcome emails is a must have for any email marketing campaign. Ideal welcome emails can be of different types, whether emails with with welcoming note (“Hello”, “Welcome” etc.,), emails to follow up subscribers with information about the brand, success stories, offerings, and solutions to address subscribers’ problems, and emails with thank you note, most commonly a “thanks for subscribing with us” and even better when added with a special offer for new subscribers to show gratitude.

Special Occasion Email Series

The special occasion series emails are exceptionally handy in keeping subscribers engaged and even accelerating subscribers’ purchase decisions. Therefore, these emails are excellent ideas to include in personalized and automated emails as these emails can be created in several ways such as, birthday, anniversary, congratulatory and many others. For example, you can send your prospects a birthday email with a personalized message alongside a birthday special offer. Further, you can create a followup email asking for feedback on the birthday offer as well as the final reminder on the expiry and advantages of the offer, after a week or anytime near the end of the month. Same thing can be applied for anniversary emails, congratulatory emails etc. These emails are great choices to show how much you care and pay heed to your prospects and customers, their accomplishments, special occasions, preferences, requirements and all the small details that matter to them.

Other types of emails you can use include –

Customer onboarding or getting-started email series which are usually image heavy and may also contain video inside.

Newsletter email series: This series of emails entail the summary of latest product updates that subscribers have expressed their interests receiving and that’s why these emails are mostly text-rich with a few images.

Promotional email series: Such promotional emails are designed to contain special event or product announcements to promote event attendance or product sales. These emails can be again enriched with visual assets such as rich graphics, videos etc. and lesser amount of textual content.

Transactional email series: These transactional emails are usually designed to send updates when purchases are made or any other purchase-based behavior. These transactional emails contain images of products or services that transactional emails feature.If you thinking of including these emails in marketing automation series, you need to ensure consider better personalization beyond first names and last names of your subscribers. Email personalization is the perfect way to individually reach each of your unique subscribers. Personalized campaigns drive 18X more revenue than email without personalization. We have compiled detailed tips and tricks to perform optimum personalization in the next part of this guide 6 Ways to Boost Your Email Marketing Performance with Personalization & Automation [PART II].