3 Ways to Integrate Video into Email Nurture Campaigns

Marketing departments can bring your business to new heights and as a result, there are constantly new techniques and tactics surfacing to help Marketers design marketing strategies with dexterity. Marketers need to consider every associated element that could bring up traffic and can provide the magic touch. Videos are one of the elements that are powerful enough to grab viewers’ attention and convey the marketing message effectively. But, there are various challenges that marketers face with integrating video into email nurture campaigns.

The most common questions include whether to embed video directly in the email or to push prospects to landing page? What sort of video content would be valuable to email campaign?

Videos are the powerful and engaging content that drive click throughs. Let’s walk through different ways that could be useful in integrating video into email nurture campaign and drive results.

1. Sharing an interview

The education content is supposed to be valuable content at any stage of pipeline. So, sharing of interview of thought leader is believed to be a great form of content to be shared with prospects. The images used should be of high quality, featuring interview object and providing details about learning for readers. It is also helpful to link the reader to the landing page, rather than embedding the video directly to the email. Every email client might not play videos from the email.

2. Providing teasers ready for upcoming event

Webinars or events are popular lead generating tactics. They serve as a great platform for thought leaderships and knowledge exchange for prospects. Once people sign up for a webinar, you should follow up with emails which share teasers videos to your content. The attendees are likely to get engaged with such videos.

3. Conveying product news

Videos provide remarkable results when you are launching new features of a product, no matter how simple or complex. They convey the message and update customers on the product. Thus,  it is a good idea to provide a link to a video explaining the new feature or products in your email content. If the video is posted on YouTube or other video supporting channels, you can further encourage customers to explore other related videos too.

Above all, email provides an ideal opportunity to include videos for communicating product updates, news and supporting prospects inquiries, etc. At the same time, it is also crucial to make sure to track who clicks and who watches. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t you want to share your videos to your prospects? Integrate videos to your email nurturing programs and enjoy the associated advantages.