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What should be the frequency of sending email?

As a Marketer, I am sure this question of frequency of sending email must have come to your mind multiple times. Email marketing campaigns are believed to be helpful in generating visitors and leads significantly and marketers use different strategies to convert these leads into customers so that the sales figures can be improved and the motive of marketing can be fulfilled.

Hence, marketers need to be very active in properly designing their strategies. One of the crucial points that need to be decided upon is the frequency of sending email. Prospects should not get frustrated receiving too many emails, while at the same time, they should not be allowed to forget about the brand with no emails going out to them for long periods of time..

The best way to decide upon the right frequency is to TEST out different frequencies.

You should send email quarterly, if you do not have much to say or lack the grounds of resources and time. It can engender the problem of having deliverability issues, as people might not remember you or your mails might be marked as spam or end up into the trash bin. Moreover, the email addresses might not be valid for long, causing high bounce or spam traps.

You should send it monthly, if you have a newsletter and have the aim to inform subscribers about latest happenings. If you are sending it with the goal of selling product or services, it might be too infrequent. Monthly is great for announcements and monthly calendar events of your company.

You should send it bi-monthly, if you want to hit the sweet spot for subscribers who are interested in your content, your service, your offers. It is the right balance between the weekly and monthly option. Sending updated content every other week could be helpful, but make sure that it is not repeatable, always provide fresh and new tips, offers, incentives and engage the reader. If you want the bi-weekly to work you MUST get into relationship with them, otherwise you will look like a nuisance and not of value and sadly end up in the do not disturb pile, trash bin, or spam.

You should send it weekly, if you are selling product or service. If you have to boost sale, you need to work upon it and let your subscribers know about the updated information. Along with it, also test out at different point to make sure that your subscribers are not frustrated. This is that exercise we’ve talked about in past. Keep it interesting, give them what they want and relevant, interesting news and offers is allowed and appreciated.

You should send it daily, if you have a daily candy for your subscribers. This frequency can work, if you have quality actionable, valuable and relevant content to be shared.
If you have some offer to announce, daily emails could be helpful to generate leads and in turn the sales. You need to track your metrics carefully. If you notice dropouts or unsubscribe, pull back a bit.

So, what’s best for you? Hopefully now you got some idea how to get the answer to that question! Test, test, and re-test your frequency, your message. Overall this timeline is a framework to begin with.
Metrics will unfold the entire story and then you can decide upon what works for you? Neither frustrate your prospects, nor let them forget you for staying inactive for long.