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10 Ways to Grow an Engaged Email List Which Will Drive Conversions

Digital transformation made a huge disruption in the marketing industry and has completely changed the way brands used to communicate with their customers. With the rising competition in every industry, organizations need to look for more unique and personalized ways to reach out to their target market. 

After years of researching and analyzing, the marketing industry has concluded that email marketing is the most effective platform for creating greater conversion rates and building a professional relationship with your client. The authenticity of a flawless business email to a list of potential customers can help businesses gain trust and attract potential customers towards its services. 

How email list creation can be challenging, and why?

One must be aware of the business standards of understanding email list database practices to build a list of genuinely interested subscribers who are more likely to convert into your customers. It has been observed that the email list of an organization witnesses a huge downfall every year as subscribed members opt out of email subscriptions due to decreasing interest or because their email address gets changed. 

If not managed on time, your shrinking email list can be the reason behind your business’ collapse. Most organizations make the common mistake of focusing on generating a rather extensive list, but when nurtured effectively, an email list of targeted audiences can yield more engagement with better open rates, higher lead generation, and enhanced conversion rate. 

To generate higher email open rates, all you need is a highly analyzed email list that keeps track of customer interest and changes in contact details. It is also important that you continually focus on growing the existing email list by engaging with potential customers through lead-generating campaigns. 

This will not only help make up for the lost subscribers, but your business will also witness a soaring growth. Depending on the company policy and offerings, you can strategize your email list development process. Here are certain guidelines that can help you generate a list of email addresses faster and more easily. 

1. Specify and segment your target audience

Creating a good email list does not only mean collecting a set of a huge number of email addresses but also identifying how engaging your list of emails is. You don’t want to waste your valuable time trying to engage readers who are not even interested in your offerings. Thus, the first and the most essential part of email list creation is to identify and be sure about your target market. 

This reduces the time spent in email list generation and provides accuracy to the entire operation. Segmenting your email list helps create more customized content that is more target-oriented. You can also use tags to identify where subscribers come from to group them accordingly and create customized subscriber lists.

2. Use email verification service

To find bounced and inactive email addresses on your list, it is suggested that you leverage the benefits of email verification services. This offers an insight into the ISP report, warning you to delete poor subscribers and get labeled as a spam.

3. Identify your lead magnet

Permission-based marketing centered around opt-in services builds a connection with your potential customers and provides you with the email addresses and other contact details of interested customers. It is important that you ensure every receiver of your email list is selected through opt-in so that it does not get neglected in their inbox and turns into spam through the ISP report, to eventually hamper your email sending reputation score. 

Place your organization email opt-in forms strategically on your website, blog page, and social media channels. Also, keep your sign-up forms short that asks for no more than three questions, as form fills decrease when there are too many fields to fill.

4. Understand the importance of the email preference center: 

Subscription management center or email preference center gives your target market the option to select what kind of emails they would prefer to receive from your organization and at what interval. Flooding your subscriber’s email inbox with unopened messages is doing you no good. Rather, respecting your customer’s time and sending them messages according to their preference is more important to hold on to each subscriber. You can also create custom unsubscribe links to enable them opt-out of email subscriptions.

5. Frame lead-generation offers 

Attractive deals and offers are the easiest way to attract customer attention. You can provide them with a relevant free e-book or whitepaper that asks for an email address to view or download the document. You can also promote online contests that will ask the participant’s email address before registering or just enable them to avail subscription discounts. Free giveaways via your social media accounts will also help you collect the email address of the interested candidates as they will have to sign in using their email address. Whatever you have to offer, keep it upfront, and include a call-to-action button. To keep it more formal, you can use Twitter to promote your lead-gen offers.

6. Craft great email content

Once you have a set of emails to address, create an appealing subject line that can’t be overlooked. Also, the body of the email should have a personal touch with value-added content like email newsletters and blog links that will drive engagement, but keep in mind not to bore your reader if you want people to stay subscribed to your organization emails.

7. Keep an eye on your engagement metrics

Analyzing open rates and conversion rates are vital to measuring your email list health. Moreover, keeping track of where you are acquiring your most engaged subscribers and through which platform helps you understand the trend and modify accordingly.

8. Create a reactivation campaign

Reactivation campaign helps understand the reason behind a consumers’ decision to unsubscribe from your email list. To maintain and grow your business, you need to bring back losing customers by offering them what they actually need. 

Reactivation campaigns help you re-engage with your lost customers by telling them how you miss them and eventually asking the reason for dropping their interest.

9. Host online and offline events

Spreading messages about events curated based on your target market’s interest will help you attract interested and potential customers and engage with them. Moreover, a platform that brings together a set of the right audience is the fastest way to collect relevant email addresses which will be used to register or for verification purposes.

10. Do your share of research before reaching out

A good lead can only be generated when you have answers to all the questions and solutions to your potential clients’ problems. Thus before you send out a bulk of emails, ensure that you have your facts right and address every customer query. Only well-researched content can create a high-converting lead. 

A successful email marketing campaign offers a more opted-in targeted audience, giving your company greater reach and higher customer conversions. Thus, to make the root of your marketing campaign strong, frame the best email list and see your business grow.