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How to Get the Most Out of Triggered Emails

The cheat code to a successful business communication was stated long back when email marketing turned out to be a huge turning point for organizations. Companies tracked the growth percentage in sales after incorporating email marketing into their system. But if you are still struggling to leverage the benefits of email marketing, maybe it’s time to re-strategize your plan for it.

Email marketing had been dominating the business communication industry since its conception. The authenticity of a valid email can help businesses gain trust and attract potential customers towards their services. Emails sent via company domains automatically gain the reader’s confidence as compared to messages sent via other platforms. Moreover, the authenticity of a well-curated email will help you attract potential customers for rapid lead conversion.

With changing times and changes in perception of the target market, it is vital to modify your email lead generation policy. Gone are the days when a mere bunch of product information was enough to reach out to the customers. Digital transformation has introduced several tools to automate and personalize emails that are capable of understanding customer behavior through data analytics. With proven higher conversion rates and successful building of a professional relationship with your clients via modern email marketing strategy, the era of email marketing continues, but with significant modification. Here is the ultimate cheat sheet for understanding the kind of email marketing needed for the modern market!

Email marketing stands as one of the critical tools of the marketing kit as it helps get specific customers on board and focus only on business goals. It is an action-oriented platform that promptly triggers interested customers to take any action, such as to reply or forward. Also, email marketing enables you to re-engage with lost clients by offering you a platform for more detailed discussion that helps understand your client’s demands. Thus email marketing has proved to generate the highest conversion rates as compared to other communication platforms, but only if you know how to generate triggered emails.

With the increasing number of emails in your target customer’s inbox, you might want to enhance your email marketing strategy to increase open-rate and also to protect it from getting redirected to the spam folder. A well-strategized email marketing campaign helps build an authentic connection with your target market and boosts business growth. Moreover, a personalized and customer-driven email marketing strategy nurtures customer relationships by building trust and aiding your organization to generate high ROI.

A massive percentage of ongoing businesses are already investing in creating an apt email marketing strategy to attract the reader’s attention. Organizations need to develop unique email marketing strategies to engage in meaningful conversations with them. Moreover, with the recent innovation in the marketing automation industry, a well-curated customer-centric approach will genuinely help you leverage the benefits of an advanced email marketing strategy.

Such automatic messages are known as triggered emails, which can be sent when the prospects or customers take specific actions. It helps deliver more relevant and timely marketing messages when you trigger emails based on customer behavior and other data.

Different Types of Triggered Emails

Here is a list of the different types of triggered emails that you can send out to meet specific marketing and sales goals.

  • Welcome emails for new subscribers
  • Thank-you emails for someone who makes a purchase, or downloads a lead magnet, or takes other relevant actions
  • Follow up emails to abandoned shopping carts
  • Order confirmations
  • New product suggestions based on past purchase history
  • Special sales and rewards for your best customers
  • Re-Engagement emails for people who unsubscribe

By modifying the content of such triggered emails, you can make them more potent in terms of increasing conversion rate. We have curated a list of suggestions to help you modify your triggered emails and make the most of them.

How to use Triggered Emails the right way?

Specify and Segment your Target Audience

You can collect a set of email addresses by creating a good email list. But to make the content of your email more engaging, you need to segment your email list according to customer behavior and stage of the buying lifecycle. You don’t want to waste your valuable time trying to engage readers who are not even interested in your offerings. Thus, the first and the most essential part of creating a triggered email is to identify and be sure about your target market. It reduces the time spent on email list generation and provides accuracy to the entire operation. Segmenting your email list helps create more customized content that is more target-oriented. You can use tags to identify where subscribers come from to group them and create customized subscriber lists accordingly.

Send Emails at the Right Time

It depends on your target market when they would ideally prefer to open your company email. While B2B emails generally get opened in the first half of the day, B2C emails work better if sent at the second half of the day. To better understand the best time to send an email, try experimenting by sending emails at different times and analyze the best time to increase the open rate of your emails. It not only increases the open rate of your emails but will help you in strategizing your future endeavors to increase the efficiency of email marketing.

Test your Emails

Marketers need to determine the effectiveness of future and ongoing email campaigns to achieve a higher impact. And A/B testing is one of the most effective methods to ensure how customers will respond to email messages. It enables marketers to separate specific differences between the two versions of the same emails. A/B testing is done by splitting the email list into two segments and then, sending one version of the email to one segment and the other version of the email to another segment. As soon as emails are sent to both segments, marketers can monitor, measure, and determine the version that is performing better than the other one.

Triggered Emails, if used appropriately remain the most cost-effective way to build long-term customer relationships and generate a conversion rate of 50 percent. Even after such technological advancements, some organizations still can’t leverage the complete benefit of email marketing.

Their inability to leverage the complete benefit of email marketing is primarily because they are not yet aware of implementing effective strategies into their plan. Email marketing is the most powerful lever for lead generation amongst all inbound marketing tools that offer the right purpose and direction to your campaign. It enables you to measure the success rate as well. Thus, if you wish to witness your business soar high, strategize a perfect email marketing campaign that triggers your potential leads to turn into buyers.