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5 Tools B2B Companies Can Use for Lead Tracking

If your business caters services and products to other businesses, you must be following a completely different method of approaching your target market as compared to a B2C marketing strategy. B2B companies need to curate a marketing strategy that can attract other organizations and not just individual customers. B2B and B2C marketing are very different, not only in terms of strategies and applications but also in customer engagement and communication.

Besides ensuring that you have new business coming in and managing your lead pipeline, B2B companies need to focus on a lot more. In this digitally driven customer-centric era, B2B marketing has become increasingly complicated. It takes longer than the time taken by the B2C marketing process to generate new leads and engage with them.

Challenges that B2B marketers face

B2B marketers need to engage in the never-ending cycle of strategizing and executing marketing campaigns, and any bottleneck in the process of developing and implementing an email marketing campaign can put all their effort to waste. Moreover, B2B customers look for logic and positive ROI, and thus marketers need to be accurate when providing information related to marketing. 

Since B2B customers are primarily focused on expertise and information, creating well-written content is one of the most important steps of building a successful B2B marketing strategy. Content that is supported by SEO and curated by anticipating what your audience is searching for will help you get the spotlight in the industry.

For B2B marketing, collecting a huge number of leads may not be not enough. 

Marketers need to identify how engaged the leads are and analyze the demographic and psychographic information of all the B2B customers to define the target audience. Additionally, part of a successful B2B marketing strategy is to establish an informative and engaging website. This is because many potential B2B buyers will visit the company website before making a purchase.

5 Tools B2B Companies Can Use for Lead Tracking

Amidst all these challenges, marketers may often lose track of their potential leads. This can be a reason behind the downfall of an entire marketing strategy. Thus, integrating the right marketing tool is critical for managing the long sales cycles and ensuring that your B2B clients receive the best customer experience. Here is a list of 5 marketing tools that can help your B2B marketing team track your potential leads so that you can strategize your further communication for the upcoming customer lifecycle.


hubspot for lead tracking

With its complete B2B lead tracking solution for small, medium, and large companies, HubSpot provides a wide range of options and customization settings that allow businesses to adjust it to fit their individual and client needs. Its scalability and large enterprise features make HubSpot the perfect tool for lead tracking. HubSpot’s excellent workflow processes and deep third-party integration also offers several advanced features that allow marketers to extend their functionality. 

Moreover, its reasonable pricing is perfect even for small B2B marketing agencies to invest in for long-term success. With just a few basic training on the HubSpot lead tracking app, organizations aim for flawless B2B digital marketing.

It is integrated with different software tools with CRM that makes it easy-to-use. HubSpot organizes the data from the customer communications into contact and company profiles while assigning and tracking all the leads. This allows the sales team to focus better on their job.

HubSpot also can integrate with many websites, phones, and email apps, without interrupting the regular process and generates a higher volume of leads. Additionally, HubSpot can track email opens as well. When a subscriber opens an email, you can follow up with them directly or add them to your segmented email campaigns to reach out to them quickly and more accurately.


marketo by adobe for lead tracking

Marketo’s all-inclusive solution, including lead scoring, lead management, email marketing, and marketing analytics, can streamline your B2B lead tracking process by automating it. It also has very flexible characteristics that allow the user to scale Marketo up or down by selecting the unique features your business needs. Over the years, Marketo has become somewhat of the industry standard for marketing automation tasks. This fantastic Martech (Marketing Technology) has been instrumental in transforming the landscape for email marketing as a whole. 

If you would like to learn more about how Marketo can augment your current lead tracking efforts, send us a quick message in our chatbox, or better yet; we’re available on your favorite social media platforms! We’d love to hear from you.


pipedrive lead tracking for b2b companies

Pipedrive fits best for small teams as it has a limited feature-set and needs extensive training for a team to use it effectively. Pipedrive enables B2B marketers to easily track and organize leads in a way that can quickly analyze the need of the hour. Perfect for direct sales, Pipedrive is extremely intuitive, providing a kanban board-style for visual management. This allows marketers to visually move their leads throughout the Pipeline and customize the entire processes. Pipeline allows its uses to mold the workflow according to the situation, irrespective of its complexity.

Zoho CRM

zoho crm for lead management

Zoho offers unlimited scalability in terms of the number of tools such as invoice, account, recruitment, contact management, project management, and reporting. It enables the user to easily integrate the tool with their existing system and monitor every lead movement. Zoho CRM’s GSuite integration features and its reporting make it easy for marketers to get a birds-eye-view of the customer lifecycle.


sumo for lead generating and management

With its simple dashboard that integrates with any website, Sumo is best for marketers who produce resources which can be exchanged for contact information. Since the most important part of B2B marketing is email communication, Sumo can be an ideal tool as it helps grow your email list. It also allows the user to configure settings like their content, A/B testing, and more.

To effectively use B2B marketing strategies and reach your customers personally using digital marketing, you need to understand your B2B audience and their buyer personas. The process can be long and business customers can be picky and demanding. But using the mentioned tools will help you run your digital marketing campaigns smoothly and gain a competitive advantage.

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