Ultimate Guide to Optimize Email Marketing to Short Attention Span

The number of emails hitting out inboxes has drastically changed from five to 10 years ago when we used to receive a few emails daily.  Back then we managed to not only open every email but also read, engage and take actions when interested. Now we’re bombarded with emails from numerous sources excluding our personal and professional contacts; including our banks,, voice and data carriers, mobile apps, retailers, shopping, memberships, and so many other sources.

Thus, we’re left with little time to open up all the mails, especially with increasing online competition where merchants and vendors are sending mails all at the same time, vying for the limited attention span of same herd of subscribers – chances are that many of marketers’ mails are going unopened and even, unnoticed. Getting mail opened and read have turned out to be a herculean task in the era of ever reducing span of attention span which is average 7 to 8 seconds long. Then, how to capture attention and engage them within 8-seconds and make the mark – following tips will be handy in optimizing email marketing messages to shorter attention span.

1. Remember “less is more” and make email content scanned faster

Since nobody has enough time to go through long email content written in flowery language, the thumb-rule of capturing attention within 8-second time is to offer subscribers content they can scan. Make sure he email copy can be read faster with the message presented precisely without beating around the bush and upfront.

It is best to write in listicles format with number or bullets with maximum 50 to 20 words in every bullet point to make it extremely easier to scan and thus, to convey the message within shorter span of time. The more to the point your message appears, the higher chances of getting engagement and interaction.

2. Make email a visual treat

Did you know that we humans are capable of processing pictures faster than texts? It takes about 13 milliseconds to scan and process image content faster, approximately 60,000 times faster than our brain scans and process text. Thus, marketers are recommended to harness the power of visual content with images that send powerful and valuable messages that instantly connects with readers’ requisitions.

Thus, you can convey the intended email message within seconds. Along with the message presented in images or videos, make sure the call to action phrase is also presented in large, bright colors to attract more clicks and sales. Remember, the key is to minimize in textual content and maximize on images and videos to get read even faster than brief content takes.

3. Make email marketing message fully mobile-optimized

Mobile devices are gaining momentum in email marketing and other forms of digital marketing with increasing rate of traction every day. Email open rates on mobile devices have significantly as much as up to by 30% and about 67.2 percent subscribers are checking their emails on smartphones and 42.3 percent on their tablets. Hence, it is mandatory to make your email marketing campaign optimized to mobile screen to catch hold of more eyeballs and get read.

Make sure your email copy is arranged in just one column to make it fit into narrower screen space than desktop devices. Make sure you position the most important piece of information at the top part of the email, keep header short and do not forget incorporating an attention-grabbing, relevant image to establish instant connection with the reader. Additionally, make sure the call-to-action sentence is clear, concise and actionable that readers know what to do at the first glance.

Now, it’s your turn – what are your strategies to capture the recipients’ attention and get them clicked within 8-seconds or even shorter span of attention. Want more creative ideas or professional help to get your email more enticing and revenue generating machine within seconds? Call us at (408) 502 6765 or connect us via Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to get informed of all latest trends, updates, and tips on email marketing.