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Top 5 “Campaign Management” Salesforce Applications

Is your marketing campaign coming up with desirable results? Are you able to measure the results accurately for better marketing decisions? How are the analytics changes after launching the campaigns being tracked, reported and managed for best results?

It is just not sufficient enough to run an online marketing campaign; it is more important the engineering and constant management is in place so that you are able to assure the campaign is able to tap the opportunities or not. Marketers need to be very active in checking out if the campaign is able to support both traditional and emerging sale channels.

They should plan, design, launch, optimize and organize the campaign with robust strategies such that positive outcome can be showcased. Following an effective marketing strategy, customers should receive the right message at the right time via the right channel every time. A strategically managed campaign would definitely increase relevancy and improve brand identity.

Though marketing automation has been beneficial in improving the success rate of campaign management, one should also tap the advantages of the Salesforce applications that help you manage the campaigns so that you can make informed decisions in a better way in tandum with your automation.

Some excellent sources for automation are:

    1. Bizible Marketing Analytics, Google AdWords Analytics, Campaign ROI, Lead Source: It tracks the marketing sources of leads, including PPC, Bing Ads, SEO, Email, SEM, etc. Smart AdWords Sync tracks new and existing ads, helping marketers enjoy automatic monitoring and updating of AdWords and Bing Ads, with no technical knowledge and no manual editing features. The application is 100% cloud based.
    2. Campaign Calendar: Take advantage of easy planning and scheduling of campaigns by using campaign calendar, a wonderful application. Its easy sharing ability helps marketers to share information with the entire organization without any hassle. So, track out your marketing efforts to get detailed insights on ROI with this interactive application that helps in scheduling, reviewing and executing marketing efforts.
    3. Daddy Analytics – SF for Google AdWords Replacement: Daddy Analytics brings together powerful web analytics and Google AdWords integration. It is an interactive application that helps you see in-depth information on leads, what Google AdWords campaigns were clicked, etc. A Lead Record Page helps marketers see individual page history for leads and map of Geo-location at time of submission.
    4. Campaign Call down Manager: This application calls down a list of leads and contacts of a particular campaign. Indeed, campaign member status gets quickly updated and an activity to the page is added easily. Moreover, easy customization facility for column, sorting and filters makes it a user-friendly application. So, manage you campaigns actively with campaign call down controller.
    5. Campaign Tracker for Google AdWords and Analytics: This is a remarkable application that works with any online advertising via campaign tags and it is easy to install with one tracking code. Marketers include referrals, organic search and direct tracking and get instant updates with no external database. There are two pre-built Dashboards and 19 reports that help you immediately identify where the best leads are coming from.

So, what next? Don’t you want to make your marketing processes faster, better and easier? Don’t you want to manage more of your campaign with less hassle? What are you waiting for?

Look for fast and multichannel marketing execution with unparalleled usability and world class analytics using these Salesforce applications. So, get the data needed anytime and anywhere, with both online social data and offline channel data easily available when you apply these campaign management tips with your Salesforce.

If you feel you need a campaign manager to work with your Salesforce applications and take these applications through the sales cycle for you or with you, our experts are available to provide customized campaign management tools and processes tailored to your unique business requirements.