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How to Scale Recruitment for Hyper Growing Companies?

So all those years of working hard are finally paying off, and your business is witnessing a huge success. Of course, you are overwhelmed by this achievement, and by now, you must have started planning the next roadmap to mark another success. But did you realize that with a bigger business, your organization will need more employees to manage the added responsibility? 

If the answer is yes, are you well prepared to cope with the wave of change that your workforce will undergo as your business keeps growing? All business owners aspire to grow and leave no effort to achieve it. But not all of them are aware of the recruitment challenges that come along with a hyper-growing business.

Along with the business progress, you also need to scale your HR services to ensure that your company is hiring candidates capable of adapting themselves to business changes and remove any bottleneck that may originate from the massive recruitment process. 

Small businesses have a simple hiring operation system since they need to recruit fewer candidates. Still, as your business grows, the HR administration will need certain changes in the system based on the new number of employees required.

This may increase the administrative burden of your company’s HR professionals, and the best option for your business at such a growing stage is to outsource recruitment services. Outsourcing company hiring services gives your in-house HR team more time to focus on building a better recruitment system and core business functions but is also less expensive than hiring and training new HR professionals. 

HR professionals who have the right expertise and the flexibility to serve your company’s unique needs can bring a huge difference in your workforce and help your business grow further.

Besides outsourcing the best hiring team, your in-house HR team must also ensure that the entire HR system (internal and external) can bring the target ROI to the business. Since the challenges of hiring employees for a hyper growing company is way different than that of smaller companies, here are some of the best tips to scale the recruitment system of your far-reaching business:

Refine your recruitment

A growing business cannot just rely on referrals and needs sophisticated channels to find the best employee. There are several recruitment services available in the market, ranging from job portals to payroll service providers. In a world ruled by technology, targeting the right candidates and building an efficient team is impossible without the power of automated tools crafted specifically to hire the best candidate

The modern hiring platforms are equipped to not just receive applications but also target and send messages to potential candidates about the job and quickly and efficiently screen numerous applications. But make sure that the job portal you are relying on understands the business needs of your company or the recruitment agency you are handing over the future of your business to have qualified professionals who understand the technicality and specifications mentioned under the job description. 

Oh, don’t forget to create that clearly-defined job description to give an accurate idea of the responsibilities and qualifications needed to fill a job profile successfully. Further, remember that the age-old practices of recruiting employees from Gen X might not work while recruiting millennials. So frame a more engaging HR strategy for the young hires and build a diverse work culture.

Update the onboarding process

As the recruitment system of your company changes, the onboarding processes and regulations also change. Thus, make sure that everything related to the new onboarding process, including employee handbooks, benefits information, policies, and procedures, is updated according to the new terms and conditions. 

Having a clearly defined onboarding process will help you keep your hiring process streamlined and can be easily modified as and when needed. Also, with the growing number of candidates, keeping track of all their details will be difficult without a regularized onboarding process.

Adopt a learning management system (LMS)

Once you overcome the initial challenges of the recruiting process, it’s time to nurture those valuable talents that you have managed to onboard your team. But with that high number of employees that you have hired, offering individual hands-on training to each employee can be cumbersome. To train your new employees easily and effectively, you can leverage the benefits of modern technology and incorporate an LMS in your hiring process. 

By facilitating the training process, LMS helps employees gain more knowledge of their specific job roles at their convenience and in a more creative and exciting way. Moreover, by aiding employees to grow professionally, LMS also helps organizations build stronger employee engagement.

Employee retention is important

To scale and maintain your recruiting process, it is not just enough to find the right employee, but you also need to make an effort to retain them. Thus you need to keep your valuable employees motivated and engaged in bringing your business the best results. You need to schedule regular meetings with your employees and especially freshly hired to analyze their work progress or if they are facing any kind of challenge. 

To increase employee efficiency, make sure they’re able to do their job effectively. At the same time, if any of your talented employees are applying for resignation, try to understand the reason behind it. If you have an option to fix the issue to hold back the employee, never miss the chance. This also allows you to analyze any gap existing in the employee engagement process and fix it to keep your employees happy.

Flaunt your success

If your company is proving its success, there is no shame in showing off a bit of your competitive advantage to bag those highly qualified employees. Also, with a good reputation, growing businesses can expand their geographic barriers when searching for that perfect candidate and look overseas while creating a varied work culture.

Scaling the recruiting process of a hyper-growing company can be a difficult journey, but implementing these tips in your HR system will help you weed through hundreds of resumes and bring accuracy to the entire hiring process. 

If your company needs growth, it needs changes too. If you are investing large amounts of capital and resources into marketing, productions, and business administration to support your growing business, don’t miss out on the most important one. 

Prepare your recruitment team with some of the best-practiced guidelines to augment your hiring process and abridge a huge section of the problems that companies generally face due to evolution.