Guide to Create a Compelling Event Reminder Email

Guide to Create a Compelling Event Reminder Email

Though creating an event reminder email comes last in the task list of the entire event marketing operation, one should not make the mistake of taking this lightly. Once your clients register themselves to attend an event you have organized, it is your responsibility to send them a subtle reminder for mutual benefit. 

For an offline or online event, be it a conference or a video tutorial or just an entertainment event, an event reminder email is necessary to build trust. But in this era of promotional content, only a sincere and considerate email can serve the purpose of reminding about an event.

Why is Event Reminder Email Important?

Staying in touch with your target customer is vital to maintain a long-term relationship with them, and email is considered the best mode of communication for B2B businesses. A reminder email is a brief and formal message on an upcoming event to which the user had already registered, and it is important for the following reasons:

  • Savior for the forgetful souls: In an attempt to balance a personal and super busy professional life, forgetting about an upcoming event can be a very casual human error. Thus, sending a gentle reminder to the registered clients is an easy way to help them avoid such mistakes.

  • Hold on to client interest: Well, organizing an event is a tedious task, and congratulations if you have managed to plan one successfully. But with numerous events going on in several platforms, customers can easily get lured to events organized by your competitors if you are not able to keep up to their level of interest. A simple reminder email can help you express your customer value and will prevent your organization from losing clients due to a lack of interest.

  • Build a long-term customer relationship: Every email you send to your client is in a way responsible for maintaining a healthy professional relationship with them. So don’t forget to send that event reminder email before every organized event.

But the most important question is how to create the most compelling event reminder email? Even though it largely depends on your target market, the kind of event, and the purpose of it, some best-practice guidelines can certainly help you develop the perfect event reminder email for an effective attendance to your event. Here are a few points that can aid your draft event reminder email successfully.

  1. Use unique subject lines: The subject line of your event reminder email is the most important section. Users decide to open an email based on its subject line. Thus your subject line should not only be catchy but also be able to convey the motive of the email. Moreover, it should be crisp as you get only 50 characters to generate an ideal subject line. Mobile users see only half of your subject line before opening the message. So, create a subject line accordingly and make sure it highlights the objective of your email.

  2. Add a personal touch: Address your reader by his/her name because that will make the person feel special. It’s better to have the sender of the email be a person, rather than the company itself to assure the effort made. Also, the body of the email should be the right combination of formal and friendly, making the note sound more like a request rather than a demand.

  3. Analyze and write the most needed information: The text of your event reminder email is not supposed to be descriptive. It is for the purpose of reminding your client about an event to which he has already registered. It is obvious that he has every detail of the event from previous messages. You just need to nurture your already built relationship helping the user with the information needed for the final day.

    Details such as event start date and time along with the time zone, venue, QR code (if needed) as a ticket to make event entry easy, login data (if needed), contact information, and map along with the address to help the person find the venue just with one click, must be placed in the first paragraph. Overall, it should be short and well structured. You can also opt for HTML emails as it is easier to read and follow as compared to plain text.

  4. Create a digital calendar: When your client accepts your invitation to an event, the digital calendar will automatically send reminders to the candidate, helping him keep track of time, even under a busy schedule.

  5. Add preparation material: For a more engaging experience, you might want to help your clients get well prepared for the event. Pointers on the event topic, along with links to some related pages, can be really helpful for the clients and will increase interest.

  6. Use a friendly closing: Just stating the information without a good closer can send a self-centered vibe to the reader. The ending of your event reminder email should not only express that you value your client’s presence in the event but also how you value him as an individual.

  7. Leverage content: Marketing is all about strategy and you can never miss a chance to promote yourself. You know you have worked hard to organize the event, and that deserves more exposure. Offering an easy call to action that helps share the link to event registration will enable the reader to share it within the interested network. This will generate a higher reach for your event.

  8. When to send event reminder emails: It is not enough to send a reminder email once. In this digitized world, everybody’s email account gets flooded with emails, and there is a high possibility one might skip an email. Thus reminder emails should ideally be sent four times – a confirmation email right after registration, one week before the event (if the registration was not made after that), a day prior to the event, and on the day of the event.

  9. Follow up email: A feedback request email sent from your side to the attendees of the conducted event, post the session is also a part of your event reminder email. It should not appear like once the event is over, you do not care for your client, who scooped out time to be a part of your organization. Thus it is advisable that you follow up with your clients about his/her experience with the event. Moreover, justified feedback can help you analyze the outcome of your event, according to which you can make changes in your future event planning for better customer experience.

  10. Optimize your email content for smartphone users: The display of email content on phones is different than on a laptop or PC. So it is important to adjust the settings, making the event reminder email compatible for smartphones for better readability.

The driving factor behind event reminder emails is accuracy. Who would have imagined that digital transformation will also push us towards becoming perfectionists? But here we are. So follow the suggestions and create the perfect event reminder email for a great event outcome.