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Did you know 81% of companies got Marketing Automation to close deals faster?

Lot of interesting facts from Marketing Automation space!

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The Stats on Marketing Automation

By now you’ve probably heard all about marketing automation and you probably know that it’s one of the fastest growing areas for business to business marketers. Marketing automation is an essential tool for marketers in today’s fast-paced cyber-connected world. If you’d like to know more, check out the latest statistical numbers on marketing automation listed below.

Overall Marketing Automation Statistics

  • $750 million – the amount B2B marketing automation revenues are expected to reach in 2013, according to Raab Associates new B2B Marketing Automation Vendor Selection Tool (VEST).
  • 50 per cent – the number by which MA systems will grow in 2013 (down slightly from last year’s 54 per cent, though the dollar increase is substantially higher) ­- Raab Associates
  • 110 – the number of vendors in the marketing automation space
  • 4 – the number of specialist vendors who are expected to account for about half of all the marketing automation revenues (the vendors are Eloqua, Marketo, Infusionsoft and HubSpot)
  • 85 – the percentage of the  customer relationship that will be managed without talking to a human by 2020
  • 81 – the percentage of Best-in-Class companies that list wanting to close sales faster as their number one reason for implementing marketing automation
  • >25 – the percentage of marketers who are not using their marketing automation platform at its fullest potential

The Potentials with Marketing Automation

  • 451 – the increase in per cent of qualified leads that business experienced when using marketing automation
  • 47 – the percentage of larger purchases nurtured leads make over non-nurtured leads
  • 25 – the percentage of marketers using automated lead management who reported their sales teams contacted prospects within one day
  • 10 or greater – the increase, in per cent, of revenue in 6-9 months reported by companies who automated their lead management
  • 14 – the percentage that personal emails improved click-through rates (they also improved conversion rates by 10 per cent)

MA Challenges in Numbers

  • 76 – the per cent of CMOs who list high-end lead generation as their biggest challenge
  • 64 – the percentage of CMOs who have little or no marketing process to manage their marketing automation platforms
  • 33 – the percentage of companies using both CRM and marketing automation that said the two integrate well
  • 75 – the delivery rate in per cent, which means achieving a strong inbox placement is still a challenge for B2B companies

The numbers for marketing automation are good, but it is still a fairly new technology. Where do you see the numbers going in the near future? Are you using marketing automation? If so, is your company seeing the benefits?  We’d love to hear some personal marketing automation statistics.