Adding Calendar and Timezone Links in Webinar Invite

Often enough, many marketing campaigns and webinars are targeted across timezones and we often miss out in providing the simple convenience of converting the timezone for our valued audiences. Why not make things easier for them?

With just a simple few steps, you could provide this convenience for your targeted audience.

1) Create a text “Find Your Local Time” in your webinar invites
2) Add a hyperlink to link the text to


blog 2

Or you could simply copy this link Find Your Local Time into your webinar invites!

Another way which you could help your targeted audiences take note of when your webinar is happening is by adding a calendar in your webinar invite.

For iCal and Outlook Invites

1) You will be required to attach the .ics file link to text or a button
2) Highlight the text or click on the button you want to link to
3) Then upload the .ics file to your file manager in Marketo
4) Attach it to that text or button

For the Google Calendar Invites

1) Publish your event on Google Calendar
2) Link the text or button to the event URL


blog3By adding calendars and timezone links to your webinar invites, it may just increase the effectiveness of your event invitation and in turn increase the turn out rate of your webinar. It’s just a couple of steps away and it’s definitely worth the couple of minutes to add these features to your invitation!