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8 Ways Marketing Automation Platform Boosts Marketing Operations & Overall Business Growth

Are you considering setting up marketing automation platform for your company? This complete marketing automation guide is created to guide you on how such automation platforms can enhance marketing operations. This article explains a wide range of benefits in terms of optimization, saving your staff’s time, automating and managing repetitive tasks for the marketing department. We have also covered all the advantages of using marketing automation platforms. So, let’s start…

Alleviated staffing cost with automation

Using marketing automation software, marketers can set up more efficient lead nurturing, lead scoring and routing and many other marketing campaigns. Once set up, these campaigns can be automatically triggered as per the specific criteria were set during configuration. After setting these campaigns successfully, brands can start schedule and launch automated campaigns, deliver hundreds of personalized emails every day on autopilot mode and lessen costs on staffing.

Customer Loyalty with Personalized Referral or Discounts Program

Businesses can use marketing automation platforms to create and promote products. Users will be able to configure referral programs will offer rewards customers and prospects when they will refer your products or services to anyone in their family, friends or peers. To find out more about how to use emails for referral program, you can find tips and ideas from 4 Types of Email Marketing Campaigns to Boost Referrals for Your Business.

Improve alignment and accountability within marketing and sales teams

Marketing automation platforms are an exceptionally useful marketing tools in identifying campaign performance issues, by defining various processes clearly, as well as getting quick view on the marketing reports and latest status of the sales pipeline. Often most of the leads captured by marketing teams do not get nurtured & are not  followed up so as to convert those into sales-ready leads – in such scenarios, marketing automation platforms can come in handy by providing marketers with instant feedback on leads they need to nurture more. They can also use lead scoring features of marketing automation platforms to track which lead needs more nurturing and which leads are ready for sales follow ups. The  feedback tool also assists businesses in lessening the challenges of complex sales conversion, in aligning marketing and sales team members with clearer view and easier access to lead and attribution data e It also helps in improving the accountability of employees in making sure that the part of the automation system is working perfectly.

Less errors, more accuracy and creativity

Businesses can lessen a great deal of manual repetitive tasks by implementing marketing automation tools. The key feature of these tools  is to automate marketing processes and programs. Thus, strategists can free up an adequate amount of time to dedicate in focusing on more creative tasks and planning strategies for more impactful marketing campaigns. Businesses that have already implemented marketing automation platforms have significantly benefited from overall hike in productivity and creativity as their employees can find more time in varying creative projects, avoid the risks of missed activities by scheduling and automating processes in advance, ensuring accuracy by performing tests before the launch, as well as following the timeline and the flow by scheduling marketing programs and thus finding overall better work satisfaction by freeing themselves from mundane repetitive tasks and investing their time in doing research, enhancing their skills in other marketing tasks.

Increased revenue

Marketing automation tools not only enable automating the marketing processes, but also helps automating sales processes such as, upsells, cross-sells, and regular follow-ups. With these processes getting automated, businesses can benefit from an improved value in customer lifetime. By combining this automated upsell or follow-up processes with lead management practices and customer prioritization, you can achieve better sales activities and greater ROI.

Better targeting across diverse marketing channels

One of the best benefits of leveraging marketing automation platform is that these tools provide marketers with the capability to improve their customer reach and target them with better personalized communications through various marketing channels from email to direct marketing. While marketers create the sequence for different marketing activities such as sending them newsletters, sending postcard via direct mail, reaching them via text message, or connect with them via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or other social channels or simply pursue via phone call – they can plan and schedule these activities to nurture leads until those leads turn sales ready or are at a certain phase of the buying journey. Marketing automation tools feature various options to achieve such multi-channel marketing and customer targeting goals by enabling users to automate email, text messages and phone calls, direct mail, social media marketing as well as sending postcards.

Schedule programs and campaigns in advance

One significant feature of marketing automation platforms is that it helps marketers in staying ahead of time, keeping all the programs, campaigns and assets organized and  helps in planning, testing and automating all the campaigns ,programs, social media posts and all other marketing posts well in advance. Though scheduling functionality is common in social media marketing and email marketing platforms, but the added advantage of scheduling and automating in marketing automation tool is that these tools make it all the more easier to schedule multiple types of marketing posts, target various segments of the customer base and personalize communications and content based on customer data that also gets synced with the CRM systems. Also, marketers can, instead of just scheduling one message for the entire customer base, schedule multiple variants of a single message for different segments of the targeted audience and attain enhanced personalization..

Continue A/B testing campaigns

Contrasting to traditional marketing systems wherein marketers can split test their marketing campaigns and assets such as emails, forms or landing page only once or twice before launching to the targeted customer segment, a marketing automation tool makes it extremely easy for marketers to continue running A/B tests on present programs and campaigns. Users can perform A/B tests on all marketing campaigns, in each stage of the marketing process before and after launches. The changes and fixes can be implemented in diverse stages of marketing activities create substantial improvements in the effectiveness of the funnel.

Get Better reporting and analysis of what is working and what not

The marketing automation tools not only will determine which campaigns, programs or marketing assets can work and which cannot, but also these tools let marketers identify the type of customers and prospects they need. With this level of data analysis and reporting, marketers will be better able to understand their customers and decide which of the segments need more attention.

Additionally, marketing automation tools also assist in recycling and reusing existing content in the present and future lead nurturing campaigns. Thus, automation tools can help marketers make the most of their content resources by setting rules and automating content to educate their audience for improved nurturing impacts in various stages of the lead lifecycle.