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7 Tips to Boost Your Site’s Conversion Rate Using Images

Images add to the visual appearance and hence, are used to attract visitors’ attention to improve upon the conversion rate. There are many people who do not want to browse the information, but instead experience it. Hence, it becomes a must for designers to choose the right images that could connect with the target audience, attract them and engender lead generation and conversion rate.

Let’s look at 7 important tips that could boost site’s conversion rate with the help of images:

1. Rule of Emotionsemoticons

There are many people who buy for emotional reasons and so, the right approach would trigger an action. A positive image would bring up positive emotions, may be smile, smirk or gesture. Always have in mind that emotions are a powerful tool and they work. It is a must to make your prospects feel good and happy so that they would want to connect with you. So, use images intelligently to convey the right message.

2. Try using a Mascotmascot

Site mascots are getting popular these days. They are often used on websites and blogs for the purpose of branding. Although designed to creatmascote bonding experience, they leave strong image in minds of the audience. They can solidify marketing motive and can leave a memorable branding effect. Moreover, the desired emotional effect could also be created using a mascot.

3.  Add human touch to your imageshuman touch

Human faces can be successfully used to enhance conversion rate, as prospects focus more on them. It leads to higher user engagement and so, when paintings are swapped with human photos, the results improve drastically and the site experiences higher conversion.

4.  Be creativecrativity

Use advanced technology to think out of the box. Come out with an innovative idea to present the message that could get imprinted on the viewer’s mind. The advanced dynamic image technology when used leaves memorable effects and thus, boosts conversion rate.

5. Show validationhappy customer

Most of TV commercials use personalities or random people to demonstrate their products and hence, you need to analyze what is it that works? The conversion grows, when your website has pictures of happy customers. Posting these pictures of customers, along with their testimonies is believed to be a good strategy.

6. Focus on your prospectfocus

You need to have the art of choosing images that could boost conversion. You need to show your prospects that you are on right track such that they feel comfortable in moving ahead towards their buying process. Right images convey the right message.

7. Stop using bad stock photos

Don’t stock too much of photos to create confusion. Instead, the images should be carefully placed so that the website looks professional.

I’d love to hear your tips and stories and answer your questions — please feel free to share them.