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7 Best Practices of Including Videos in Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Video content can increase the performance of email marketing campaigns in various ways such as improved open rates, clickthrough rates, conversions, etc. But they do not work like magic, rather it takes thorough planning of selection of topics that would connect and discuss target audience’s problems and preferences, choosing the right format, duration, cover image of videos, and also the resolution and size that will perfectly proportionate to the email message.

Best practices for video in email marketing campaigns

Adding video in the email will turn out to be only successful when your email subscribers will like to watch the type of videos they are searching for and watching various video playing and social media platforms. Regardless of the type of video, you are adding to the email outreach and newsletter campaigns, make sure you are following these 9 best practices to maximize the impact of adding video in email.

Short is smart

While adding a video in emails, marketers should keep in mind not to add long pages of video texts. Successful video marketers recommend precise and minimum content to display in the video along with an action-grabbing play button and a topic-related image that can entice the audience to play the video. At that same time, the text in the email copy must be concise, relevant and direct. These tips will make those emails with videos improve click-through rates.

Shoot Great Videos

Marketers should consider using a good video recording tool to create professional-looking and attention-grabbing videos. In this case, the most fail-safe device to record video footage is to use a DSLR camera, these cameras are known for flawless image quality, quality of optics, speed of recording, and gamuts of options for manual controls. In addition to these, marketers also need to resort to various video recording apps for creating & editing videos and one of the highly recommended apps is Camera Plus Pro which assists users in creating advanced-level videos. This app supports all iOS devices and top features include zooming, video filters, pause support among many others. Brands that create retro-style videos can use a hi-definition 8mm vintage camera to add a vintage look to their videos. 

Keep Files Small

File size plays a crucial role in the quality of video and upload. If marketers embed a large video with HTML5 code and plenty of images in an email, then the email will take longer than usual to load and will drive your audience to another or a faster-loading email, thus hampering the email open rates. So, it is best to link the video with a small thumbnail of the video image or a small GIF image which should not exceed 125kb.

Create a video series 

Instead of adding a single long video that can possibly prolong the email loading as well as fail to capture the short-attention-span of your audience, it is best to break down down the long video in multiple small-sized videos to capture the attention of your audience for longer without losing their interest. Smaller videos will keep your audience anticipating the next video episode and will keep them engaged. 

Test, test and test more

similar to other email content, always make sure that you have thoroughly tested the performance and quality of the videos on different channels before sending it to your audience. You can simply ask professionals in your organization as well as people in your peer group to watch the video and share their genuine feedback so that you can further tweak and optimize the video content based on their feedback and tips if they share any. 

Share videos for greater impacts

Before you add your videos in emails, marketers should host their videos on major video hosting channels such as Vimeo, YouTube, etc. to add more visibility of the video and sharing opportunities. These video hosting channels are free and are great in increasing traffic, getting leads, and overall, improving brand appearance. 

Make Thumbnail Images Engaging

The thumbnail image for the video is the preface and create a first and lasting impression for your videos. Hence, you need to pay heed in creating or selecting a thumbnail that will entice your audience’s attention quickly instead of just going with the default option that you get from video hosting channels.

Scan through your video to find the best moment or frame that will capture your attention, gives the best view of your product if it is a product launch or demo video. Then, create the video thumbnail using that frame, so that you do not leave any stone unturned in capturing your audience’s short attention span. after you have worked hard and long on your video, it is important to flaunt the best part of the video to make people hooked to your video content and achieve maximum viewership. 

At last, do not forget to incorporate the term “video” in the subject line, possibly better if all alphabets in upper case. like “[VIDEO]” in the email subject line to attract maximum eyeballs and create an instant urge to open the email, because more recipients are likely to open your emails when they know there is a video in your email. Thus, you can make your video email attention magnet and then, half the job of getting viewership for your video is done.

Additionally, also make sure that the format of the video is compatible with the major share of your subscribers. Test the format compatibility and monitor email opens and clicks in emails to measure how many subscribers are viewing the video and how many of them are watching till the end.