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6 Ways to Boost Your Email Marketing Performance with Personalization & Automation [PART II]

In the previous part of the discussion 6 Ways to Boost Your Email Marketing Performance with Personalization & Automation [PART I], we have discussed the various types of emails to send to maximize conversion rates. In this subsequent part, we will focus on how to achieve email personalization. If you think of personalization for your email marketing campaign, these 6 tips can guide you to implement personalization and marketing automation to help you increase the efficacy of campaigns. 

  1. Engage, Personalize & improve Your ROI with marketing automation 

Marketing automation platforms enable a completely data-driven marketing processes which puts intensive focus on consumers, their demographic and behavioral information. With all these data at their disposal, marketers can take more well-informed strategies for customer engagement and lead nurturing campaigns. Customer insights also help marketers to ensure that their email messages reach the right segment of the email list, at the right time by quality testing, scheduling, and automating all the communication well in advance. Thus, email marketing armed with a marketing automation platform can help marketers achieve better segmentation, personalization and engagement which generate better quality leads, more opportunities, and higher prospects of conversion. 

2. Delivers better online user experience with automation 

Automation is not Robotic. If implemented properly automation can help you to take care of your existing & new customers. Using marketing automation we can target customers with exact targeted content tailored to their interests, thus preparing them to make the required purchase of a product or a service. Customer segmentation, marketing analytics plays a crucial role in providing this overall user experience.

3. Machine Learning in Automation Enhances Personalization

Yes, machine learning helps marketers collect customer data, analyze their behaviors based on the customer engagement from diverse marketing channels. Thus, marketers will be able to target smaller and specific segments of customers with better accuracy. The 1:1 personalization can be possible by using a marketing automation platform which enable businesses build excellent relationships with all their customers and that can get stronger with due course of time.

4. Automation offers customers what they need and want

Email marketing has been known to yield greater conversion rate than any other of any type of marketing. At that, this kind of return on investment on is possible by leveraging a marketing automation platform that better enables brands to deliver the kind of messages customers want to receive from the brand, at their preferred time of the week and day. Larger enterprises producing varying type and large masses of content is even better manageable with an automation platform. These platforms provide marketers with insights on what subscribers want and options to schedule emails for delivering them with personalized, relevant messages, at the same time preventing the risks of sending wrong content and email messages, to the wrong segment of prospects and customers, at the wrong time. Thus, such automation platforms can assist in increasing customer engagement and actions as well as sales.

5. Increased relevancy leads to sales.

With a marketing automation platform paired to the marketing process, marketers not only benefits from the option of delivering targeted and relevant emails based on certain preset triggers, but they will also be able to target delivery of email messages based on the rules can be set on the automation suite. Moreover, users can implement various personalization techniques to improve the relevancy of the message, to increase conversion rates. 

6. Personalization makes consumers feel special.

Consumers and prospects want to engage with businesses that are willing to optimum personalization and help them making better purchasing decisions. Most brands fail to personalize even with persuasive techniques; that’s when they need to implement marketing automation platform to perform higher personalization by not only personalizing email to their first name, but personalizing subject lines to their names, email copy focused on their preferences in information they wanted in email preferences and many others, based on the customer data recorded in the automation platform. Hence, in terms of increasing sales through email marketing, use of a marketing automation is the best tool to achieve personalization are key.

Final words

Use of personalization with automation can amplify impacts of email marketing campaign by increasing the efficiency of customer engagement, relevancy, scopes of revenue for any business. These automation platforms enable creating scheduled, automated, and personalized buying journeys for more effective lead nurturing campaigns for diverse segments of subscribers. Therefore, subscribers feel special and get heard and solutions they need to address their problems, thus boosting the chances of accelerating them through various stages of the buying journey, without using too much persuasion in the process.