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5 Tips for Prioritizing Human Connections in Marketing Automation

With rampant globalization, it has become crucial to understand and analyze your customers to get the best ROI. To do so, it is also important to hit them with the best of your marketing strategy and on the right note. To address this issue, several marketing operations agencies are emerging, the most successful are only those who have mastered the art of blending traditional human marketing intelligence with the pool of technological solutions and services.

Most marketers use extreme technology and automation to speed up their campaign progress and often forget to make their customers feel special. Customers bring revenue and reputation to the brand; thus, it is important to make them understand their importance.

With unlimited choices and easy access to resources, today’s buyers have become more aware and knowledgeable. They are thoroughly equipped to differentiate between an authentic brand and an incompetent company. Fortunately or unfortunately, most of it gets highlighted by the way organizations market their services. Though the modern digital marketing system is equipped with amazing solutions to cater to the need of successful marketing, the biggest mistake most organizations make is rely completely on the services of marketing technology available in the market.

For successful digital marketing achievement, marketers should continuously improve the customer experience and personalize offers around regular and prospective customers. Personalized communication pushes the customers to move down the sales cycle and help brands stand out from their competitors, both in research and buying.

Personalization means adding a human touch to your automated marketing strategies by understanding the unique needs of the existing customers. This helps offer the right customer experience that increases repeat purchases, thus improving sales, generating higher revenue, and aiding in the growth of the business. Marketers need to understand the taste of their customers, social media behavior, browsing behavior, search preferences, hobbies, the content they watch, read, and listen to, along with their first and last names, incomes, location, and ages. In addition to these customer insights, it is also important to understand customers’ purchase behavior.

Curating the right and the best experience for all the customers can be a time-consuming task but not if you follow the below-mentioned tips for prioritizing human connections in marketing automation.


Sending bulk promotional messages to every address in your email list, without any human touch just because marketing automation allows it, isn’t the right way to address the situation. If you want to convert leads into buyers successfully, using personalized content while interacting digitally with potential clients yields higher response and engagement rates. Use the customer behavior data stored in the database to craft personalized messages and make the readers feel special and a part of your brand. This will result in a higher conversion of leads.

Show Emotion

Using emotion in your content marketing helps build more attachment between the customer and the brand. Moreover, understanding your customer behavior and being empathetic in your tone of communication helps build trust within them. Also, by being vocal about how much you care to understand and solve customer problems, enable the buyer to move deeper into the customer lifecycle.

Use Customer Data Wisely

Use metrics to upgrade your marketing strategy: Marketing automation not only generates the digital marketing performance but also allows you to strategize behavior-triggered marketing plans, by tracking and analyzing all the actions taken by the potential buyers on your website.

Tagging your leads’ interests can help you segment email lists and identify which topics to focus on while creating content for your digitized marketing procedure. Data-driven marketing helps create relevant campaigns by letting the customer data guide you towards messaging that strikes the right chord with customers by offering help with their pain points.

Craft a Customer-centric Marketing Strategy

To attract the reader’s attention and engage in meaningful conversations with them, your organization needs to develop a unique customer-centric marketing strategy. Moreover, with the recent innovation in the marketing automation industry, a well-curated customer-centric strategy will truly help you in leveraging the benefits of an advanced email marketing strategy. By analyzing the customer, you can craft marketing personas that reflect what questions customers ask and what answers you can provide to give them a more satisfying and valuable experience.

Keep in Touch

Irrespective of the life cycle of a customer, you need to stay in touch with all your customers. As much as it is important to build a good rapport with new leads, it is equally important to retain the old ones. Customer engagement can only be achieved when one is inclined to understand their opinion and take it under consideration. To keep the loop of conversation going, ask the customer’s feedback about your offerings. It is important to apprehend their point of view to provide the best in class, customer-centric solutions, and services. This also proves your dedication to your client and makes them feel special.

Every day, dealers are tasked with managing hundreds of active customers who all have unique needs and aspirations. Thus it is important to prioritize who you want to address first and to what level. In this technology-driven world, the more you add a human touch in your marketing strategy, the more you prepare your customers to make big buying decisions. To develop customized marketing services for all your clients, you will have to focus on both the structural integrity and the creative perspective of your marketing strategy. You need to place yourself in the shoes of your customers and see if you are feeling connected with your brand’s marketing strategy. If not, what is that human touch that can exemplify the entire buying experience? Eventually, you will have to use those insights within your marketing automation capacity to connect with customers on a human and relatable level.