3 Marketo Optimization Tips to Improve Results & ROI

Admit it: your Marketo program costs your company a lot … to create strategies, and to run and evaluate your marketing automation efforts. However, most marketers have yet to crack the tough nut and understand the fundamentals of success – implementing the right strategies and activities, through the right channels, using the right assets and ultimately, the right measurement metrics.

Then, how can you tell if the Marketo program is going to work and what improvements are required to make the program better? In order to help you think through all of these steps, we’ve provided the following optimization tips that will help you improve the impact of your programs and your sales pipeline, and to improve your ROI.

Test Marketo programs

The more you test your Marketo programs, the more you can evaluate and optimize your programs. Since testing is fundamental to ensuring effective optimization, you need the right plan to start.

What do you need to test? You can begin testing the programs you want to assess for a subset of target consumers. For this, you can test –

  1. Programs such as a webinar to evaluate the prospects of conversions
  2. Frequency of emails to determine how many emails you need to send to your target contacts
  3. Content to evaluate which email messages and calls-to-action are working, attracting, engaging, and persuading prospects respond to taking desired actions on emails.
  4. Marketing budget to check how much you need to spend, and whether you need to increase or decrease the advertising and marketing budget.

You can also run combined tests on multiple lead nurturing offers, CTAs, or emails, in order to measure a set of nurturing tracks instead of testing a single one. For testing multiple campaigns, you  can use diverse testing methods, such as multivariate testing, which combines a number of variables, or A/B testing or split testing, which tests two assets to compare conversion rates.

Testing helps you measure and adapt your marketing efforts for the better by:

  • Identifying which Marketo programs will yield a higher ROI
  • Enabling you to identify the right kinds of reports and dashboards to analyze programs
  • Identifying which marketing efforts are most effectively influencing closed deals
  • Measuring your sales funnel and how effectively prospects are flowing through
  • Identifying major metrics to measure performance for each cycle

Build your team to improve performance

While testing and measuring programs to achieve better optimization, don’t forget your team! Companies must work very hard to build and coordinate teams to carry out campaigns as a team effort. To achieve better coordinated team effort, use the Marketo Calendar feature to enable your team to become a better team in the following ways:

  • Using the campaign calendar that appears as soon as campaigns are created on Marketo. Admin users just need to add planned activities, assets or events while creating campaigns to help other team players to access them.
  • Admin users need to do segmentation for the different team players and stakeholders to access relevant parts of each program. Users can segment the programs by target channels, audience, region, and many other parameters to attain better alignment and drive promotional results. Users can simply drag and drop relevant functionalities in the calendar of marketing campaigns.
  • Campaign creators must be careful to avoid the risk of conflicts that may happen with schedules by double checking all the scheduled activities and campaigns.
  • Make sure everyone on the team is on the same page, by reviewing those marketing goals and campaigns regularly with the team, either in-person or via web conference, being sure to involve all team members and stakeholders.
  • Keep team members and other stakeholders informed as changes made to the calendar are updated to the campaigns on a regular basis.
  • Track the progress of campaigns and coordinate them with your teams and enable everyone to focus on optimization goals with the Calendar HD.

With Marketo Calendar, you can always achieve better optimization and stay on top of the game by

  • Tracking the most important things to focus on when users open the application
  • Making changes and staying updated of upcoming marketing campaigns
  • Tracking performance of current campaigns and activities
  • Accessing reports and analyzing the performance and effectiveness of campaign s

Calculate your marketing budget

Another key way to optimize and maximize your performance and ROI is to use Marketo to help calculate your marketing budget. Marketo enables you to keep a close eye on where the most of the marketing budget is being spent. Your reports can be set up to track if that portion is performing well, scopes of improving performance of that and if resource worth spending there or need to be relocated.

Marketers need to consider lead sources and how those leads will become opportunities, flow through sales funnel and eventually convert – and how much it will cost throughout the process. Based on this analysis, you can tweak and optimize your campaigns to achieve cost effective results and higher ROI. Industry leaders and influencers recommend considering emails, subject lines, message, other types of content being used in the campaign, frequency of emails and other activities, and landing pages.

Do these optimization tips sound like they may be helpful for your business? Do you want help from Marketo experts in your Marketo optimization program? Call (408) 502 6765 to get free tips from our Marketo Certified Professionals, or connect us via Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to get informed of all latest trends, updates, and tips on Marketo platforms.

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