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Why Conversational Marketing is Important and How to Implement it?

The importance of developing a better customer experience is no mystery to any marketing professional. But if you are still worried about how to further improve your customer experience to generate more sales and conversions, then you might need to reconsider how conversational your marketing approach is. 

If implemented in the right way, conversational marketing can improve your customer experience to help you get more sales. One of the most successful marketing strategies to drive user engagement, conversational marketing helps expand your customer base by building trust within the potential customers and creating loyal customers.

This personalized approach of digital marketing moves buyers through the marketing and sales funnels faster by communicating with your customer in real-time and one on one. Thankfully, with the automation magic of digital marketing, your marketing professionals do not have to spend a huge amount of time to personally interact with each of your customers. Rather, the automated conversation initiated by different kinds of tools available speeds up your conversational marketing approach with new leads and existing customers.

Moreover, the method allows you to ask different questions to your customers based on their behavior and response, enabling you to gather specific details about your target market. By communicating with your consumers, right when they are eager to engage with your business, your marketing team makes the faster lead conversion.

Conversational marketing aims to make customer communication faster and easier for customers to engage with your business, for faster and qualified lead generation, but only if you are aware of how to implement conversational marketing in the right way. Thus here are few guidelines to make your marketing strategies more successful:

Use conversational marketing Chatbots

Chatbots are artificially intelligent software that are programmed to process natural language and respond to conversations. It uses conditional logic, which can be set up and controlled by the user, thus reducing the workload marketers of personally responding to every inquiry. Chatbots not only automates your marketing communication but is also budget-friendly.

Use conversational marketing Live Chat

Live Chat plays a huge role in conversational marketing for more specific inquiries. By adding the software to your business website, you can allow your existing or potential customers to send messages directly to you or your team members in real-time. As a result, your marketing team can respond promptly. Besides troubleshooting and customer support, Live Chat provides content that aims to nurture your customer lifecycle as well.

Integrating Chatbots and Live Chat in your marketing strategy will increase your conversion rate, but besides using such tools, your marketing team also needs to adopt a few more practices that have proved to be more conversational for generating more and qualified leads.

Select the right communication platform

With the effect of digitization spreading rapidly, your target audience might be using several platforms for communication. Thus, to make the most of your conversational marketing, you need to be aware of the channels best suited to target your audience, depending on your buyer persona to get the maximum reach. While marketing automation has the ability to send scheduled or real-time messages to the potential customers automatically, it depends on the marketer if they are using the right channel to send messages that can attract and engage a wider section of the target audience. Since effective multi-channel marketing can be costly, there is no point communicating via channels that will fail to generate customer engagement.

Add human touch to your automated conversational marketing

In this radical stage of globalization, it has become crucial to understand and analyze your customers to hit your conversational marketing on the right note and get the best ROI. For successful customer engagement, you need to master the art of blending traditional human marketing intelligence into the pool of technological solutions and services. By adding human touch in your communication with customers, you help them build trust in your organization and bag long-term customers.

Adopt social media marketing

Social media provides several opportunities for businesses to create conversations with prospective customers and generate new leads. You can integrate marketing automation tools that will manage your social media activities like customer service and reply to messages automatically. But make sure that you are using the right social media platform based on your target market.

Keep in touch

Irrespective of the life cycle of a customer, you need to stay in touch with all your customers. As much as it is important to build a good rapport with new leads, it is equally important to retain your old customer. Customer engagement can only be built when you are interested to understand their opinion and take it under consideration. To keep the loop of conversation going, ask for customer feedback about your offerings. It is important to apprehend their point of view to provide best in class, customer-centric solutions, and services. This also proves your dedication to your client and makes them feel special.

Send follow up emails

Emails cannot be a mode for real-time communication, but it can boost your sales by adding to your conversational marketing strategy. Follow up emails such as confirmation email, thank you email, feedback email, and more shows your dedication for customer experience and also allows the receiver to easily convey their opinion as a reply to your follow up emails.

Place yourself in the customer shoes

To best understand your customers and to communicate in a way to understand their problems, you need to think from a customer’s perspective. Moreover, understanding your customer’s point of view enables you to generate a more conversational form of communication.

Keep your message content simple

Simple content is easier for readers to comprehend and thus is more engaging. Therefore, to create a conversational form of marketing, you need to avoid words and languages that are difficult to understand for your customers.

Unlike the traditional approach of asking potential leads to go through lead capture forms and make them wait for a response from your marketing team, conversational marketing builds strong relationships with customers by simply communicating with them. This enables your marketing team to understand visitor intention, willingness to engage with your business, and also the problems of existing clients. Further, based on the situation, your marketing team can take the needed action to gain higher marketing outcomes.