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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Email Marketing Operations

Email marketing is considered more personalized than other forms of digital marketing campaigns. When your subscribers share their email addresses, they are placing their faith in your business. By trusting your brand, they expect you to send them emails relevant to their problems or needs related to their topics. Emails are also expected at their preferred frequency and time slot such as; once a week, twice a week, etc. However, you should be careful to not bombard their inboxes with copious amounts of emails. Brands that fail to match up with these expectations and trust factors run the risk of higher rates of unsubscribing, bounce rates, or at the worst becoming designated to the spam inbox.

Many companies may worry that an agency or a contractor will not be able to win their customers’ trust or communicate with their targeted customers. Therefore, they may be reluctant to outsource their email marketing operations to an agency or a contractor. In case you are also hesitating about the benefits of outsourcing email marketing operations, then consider these following benefits to make a well-informed decision.

5 benefits of outsourcing your email marketing operations

Accelerated rate of production, quality,  and delivery

Training your in-house email marketing professionals can be both time-consuming and expensive, which may not guarantee the best results. Moreover, your team members may not be able to deal with other areas of your marketing operations where your business may require their input. While unable to provide their input in different areas, your projects and resources may become jumbled and ineffective resulting in the inability to maintain fruitful results.

On the other hand, outsourcing an email marketing campaign to an outside team, with demonstrable experience and specialization in the style of campaigns you are planning to run, may be the more viable choice. Additionally, this specialized team can be deployed for your email operations to ensure flawless email campaign execution, delivery, and management. Their considerable in-depth experience would definitely be of great help in these fields.

Many outsourced email specialist teams apply systems, methods to speed up the production time, and ensure the removal of mistakes by implementing a quality audit (QA) testing process. Moreover, these teams also comply with established quality standards that are required for your brand to compete in an already saturated market.

Businesses simply cannot train their in-house email marketing team members to similar high-standard systems and standards of experienced outsourced email marketers without drastically spiking their marketing budgets.

Improved response rates

The effectiveness of an email marketing campaign directly relates to the use of the latest campaign-specific conversion metrics to monitor an email campaign’s performance. As it pertains to the selection of the right metrics, marketers should think beyond simple open rates. Rather, highly experienced marketers consider specific metrics such as; unique open rates, unique click rates, click to open rate ratios, open and click rate by domain, hard and soft bounce rates, spam report rates, and many other additional forms of engagement. Therefore, you should require your email marketing team to create thorough, well-written, planned, and designed campaigns to enhance the success rate after you launch your programs. This same level of quality also is needed for an action plan to determine what to do and when to do it, based on specific campaign performance metrics.

Outsourcing email marketing operations to specialists who have both expertise and experience to handle those various tasks may alleviate the need for your employees to possess the skills needed to maintain meticulous campaigns. Further, your specific targeted customer base will respond to specialized email copy, templates, A/B testing, and strategic deployment. This will no doubt, increase click-through and response rates.

Improved email deliverability

Consider your current in-house email solution, have you included a robust A/B testing processes, to prevent probable risks? What about auditing your submissions for fake Outlook headers or text-less messages? Are you using the latest tech tools to implement filtering to comply with changing internet service provider (ISP) requirements? Have you taken into account the various other risks that trigger permission-based email blocking? These are just a few areas that your in-house email solution may be falling short and failing to reach your customers. Without the proper skills and tools, your email deliverability may be severely compromised. Resulting in lower open-rates and lower email deliveries.

Outsourcing your email marketing campaigns can enable you to benefit from newly added expertise on your team. By maintaining compliance with the latest best practices, not only will an expert team build trust with your customers, but drive positive relations with their corresponding internet service providers (ISP) to prevent the risk of spam reports. Experience and expertise are key. Not only can an outsourced email marketing team provide audits of previous email submissions and use the latest tech tools, but an experienced team is aware of all the latest pitfalls that exist to prevent your emails from actually being delivered. In these ways, your outsourced email marketing teams can provide solutions to improve email delivery and campaign management.

Reduce costs

Many companies have to incur increased costs to create effective in-house email marketing programs. Instead of outsourcing email operations, an in-house team will require training, hiring, and management for the various skills required to create effective email campaigns. This is not an inexpensive undertaking as these skills include; strategic planning, email copywriting, email design, coding and web development, database management, and project management. This is why skill-related costs can be much higher for businesses that are running their email marketing operations. Rather consider the costs that are associated with outsourcing the process. If you haven’t given it any consideration maybe it’s time to shop for a quote.

Skills and specialization

Email agencies that have launched and managed email marketing programs for years are capable of deploying and managing numerous email campaigns for a diverse range of industries and customer segments. They have become experienced experts, understanding when and how to implement techniques and tools needed to run campaigns effectively. More importantly, these experts possess a unique mastery of their respective email marketing platform. With the ability to recognize which tools unnecessarily bloat your MarTech stack without delivering expected results. That’s why it may become essential for you to consider an outsourced email agency.  The innate ability to improve customer targeting, personalization, and optimization of your email messages is an absolute must.

Additionally, a great outsourced email operations team will share their knowledge and experience, suggesting quintessential best practices. These practices avoid an updated range of spam filters, help to grow permission-based email lists, optimize HTML addresses, and integrate the best tools to drive customer engagement. They have recognized the value that specialized, data-driven email marketing campaigns create. Resulting in consistent and sustained growth through business opportunity development.


Are you still considering whether you need to outsource your email marketing operations? How to find the perfect email team that can boost your campaign performance and ROI from marketing technology? If that is the case, you may need expert assistance. Our guidance can help you make a well-informed decision to invest or not in email outsourcing. If you have any questions or concerns you can always address them with our marketing operations experts. To connect with us right away, use the chatbox below or consider dropping us a “Hi” at experts@marrinadecisions.com. If you prefer, we’re also available on your favorite social media platform. Simply DM us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.