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5 Ways Marketing Automation Can Improve Your Website’s Conversion Rate

Marketing is a complicated process that seeks attention in different sectors, and digitization has made it even more complex. That is why many are left wondering; “why, despite all your effort in strategizing the perfect marketing module, is your website unable to give you the target conversion rate?”

Well, it could be time to upgrade your marketing system. This can be done by incorporating the latest tech to maximize marketing ROI by analyzing your performance potential. Marketing automation; a recent development of innovative marketing strategy, has made marketing easier, faster, and more efficient. It automates certain important procedures of digital marketing, which often involves repetitive tasks. Additionally, it can cover trouble areas that are typically beyond human reach.

Why is marketing automation important?

Incorporating marketing automation tools and techniques in your system will not only help you save time but will also boost your website’s conversion rate. Industry-leading marketing automation can enhance your brand’s value and impact by increasing your reach.

To systematically improve your conversion rates, marketing automation solutions have the capability to; capture leads, increase conversion rates, drive repeat purchases, and augment the customer experience. It also helps build strong customer relationships by offering your target market with automated follow-up messages.

With the growing number of consumers, their changing purchase behavior, you will need to create a perfectly-timed marketing strategy. These behaviors have changed for various reasons including; industry trends, and rising competition. To appeal to these consumers your marketing strategy must become more persuasive and personalized.

It has become increasingly difficult for marketing professionals to offer equal value to every one of these aspects in real-time. As a result, the need of a simpler and more effective tool was required. Thus, the innovation of marketing automation was created.

Whatever your conversion objective is; a well-planned, technologically-supported marketing solution can provide seemingly endless utility. These automated solutions manage contacts, segment email lists, score, and nurture leads. Additionally, automation platforms such as Marketo or HubSpot; offer a scope to conduct A/B testing for your website, landing pages, and other monitoring tools that effectively help improve your marketing performance.

Before you become overwhelmed by the list of benefits of marketing automation for use in business growth, here are five ways it can improve your website’s conversion rate.

Use email marketing for targeted conversion.

Marketing automation has turned the tedious job of sending emails into a magic wand for generating conversions by directing your target audience directly to your website. It allows you to customize your marketing messages for every contact on your list, unlike the majority of social media platforms. By analyzing the product or service your potential customers are interested in, you can easily curate an email to grab their attention and trigger a conversion. Moreover, based on the response to your email, you can schedule follow up emails to continue to maintain their interest.

Marketing automation tools have the capability to generate step by step emails to boost your company’s open rate. Eventually building a high conversion rate over time. By analyzing the buyers’ current status of the purchase cycle, you can send guided emails that may assist in progressing them to the next stage faster. All that is needed, is the careful construction of your email content to optimize for conversion. Combine this with a tested call to action and you can earn huge returns for your business.

Additionally, marketing automation tools allow you to experiment with automated welcome messages to introduce potential customers to your brand. This powerful toolset granted by platforms like Marketo is a great way to handle all your marketing automation needs

Use metrics to upgrade your marketing strategy

Marketing automation improves your digital marketing performance and allows you to strategize behavior-triggered marketing plans. This is accomplished by tracking and analyzing all the actions taken by potential buyers on your website.

Tagging your leads’ interests can help you segment email lists and identify which topics to focus on while creating content for your digitized marketing procedure. Remember, the majority of your traffic and opt-ins are generated with well-crafted content.

Marketing automation tools can automatically mark and add tags as your website visitors click links or fill forms. It also provides you with the ability to check on your customers in real-time, so you can make quick adjustments or send helpful guides at a moment’s notice to assure successful conversion.

A/B testing is another boon of marketing automation that allows you to experiment with your strategies and adjust to the ones that are generating more conversions. Moreover, collected data, you can gain repeat sales by incorporating simple upsells and cross-selling.

This helps you keep your customer base engaged for well into the future by sending them information on previous and upcoming products that they might be interested in or further complement their previous transaction.

Marketing automation also plays a crucial role in optimizing web page loading times. This high-conversion strategy is critical in providing a better customer experience. Web pages that take too long to load may lead to more bounce back, resulting in the loss of prospective customers.

Use a lead scoring system.

So, how do you decide which customer has enough potential to convert into an actual buyer? Traditional marketing professionals have always struggled when deciding on this. However, thanks to marketing automation tools, you can now easily decide on whom to invest more time and more information.

By evaluating a contact’s interest and level of engagement, you can mark leads as “sales-ready” and pass a potential customer to the sales team for one-on-one communication. You can analyze your score leads based on the following criteria; pages they visited (as well as the number of times), how many times they opened your blog posts, read your emails, clicked related links, downloaded resources, or engaged in social media activity.

Call-to-action can directly increase website conversion.

A great call-to-action often provides a button that is lucrative enough for your target market to click on. This button is linked to a corresponding page on your website or eCommerce store. This is an easy way to gain successful conversions because they then have the opportunity to engage directly with the content of your website. This is the best time to direct and display products or services, you are ready to provide. Potential customers that have followed a strong call-to-action could then become encouraged to inquire about your available offers.

Perfectly timed messages offer a higher open rate.

In this hyper-competitive world, your potential customers’ email inboxes are flooded with numerous promotional messages. If you don’t want your precious email to get lost in that sea of emails, try to better analyze the opportune time to send emails.

Marketing automation tools help you schedule emails based on the apt time detected by the metrics and automatically send the emails at a predetermined time. Moreover, informing your receivers when to expect an email will help them remember to open on time and often.

By leveraging the advantages of marketing automation in your system, you can create an automated workflow for your entire marketing system. This will add efficiency to your business growth plan. Precisely planning an automated customer journey will improve the overall experience, increasing the chance of conversions.