Vidisha Mitra

Content Manager

I Stand For Quality

Vidisha is the Senior Content Manager with Marrina Decisions. Creative, skilled and have more than 10 years of experience in content, social media, email marketing, local marketing, online communities, SEO verticals, and other digital marketing spheres. She likes her role because she loves to learn more about new marketing technologies and create diverse content for constantly evolving MarTech trends and varying range of consumers. In her free time, she loves reading sci-fi thrillers, about art, architecture, and design, listening to Baroque music! Some of the things that she has in her bucket list is visiting Olafur Elliason’s studio in Berlin and attending Hans Zimmer concert. She lives in the Capital of India, in a peaceful neighborhood with birds and greenery everywhere, and it’s near to the Starbucks outlet. If she had a Genie, she would want to live in a Scandinavian Country.