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Utilize the Six Principles of Influence to Transform into an Exceptional Sales Representative or Marketer, Achieving 10x Results

What exactly is the secret to growth for sales reps or marketers?

Well, getting your services or products sold to the target amount is a game of psychology. To be a successful business in this digital world, you need to analyze human behavior to understand how humans make buying decisions. If you want to convert your leads into buyers successfully, you need to know how to influence every customer and persuade them to make the buying decision.

Understanding the psychology behind the buying process and making your leads take the final step is an art that all sales reps or marketers need to learn. Getting your potential leads to say yes every time can be challenging. But here are the six principles of influencing that you implement in your daily task to increase your efficiency as a sales rep or marketer:


It is a normal human tendency to give back something in return for something that they need. As a sales rep or marketer, you need to utilize this psychology to influence your leads to take a step forward into the buying cycle. Utilizing reciprocity as a universal tool can effectively drive your buying process. To kick start every customer’s interest in your brand, you can offer something valuable, such as information, advice, or solutions related to your business goal. Try to provide something exclusive that your potential leads will generally not receive from your competitors.

Social Influence

One of the most common ways humans determine the best is by figuring out what other people think is right and finding someone trustworthy to validate the product. Thus, it is not enough to have the most effective demand gen campaigns or develop the best outcome. You also need to have social proof, like testimonials and case studies. Make sure you highlight your best ratings and reviews to trigger social evidence. This will help interested customers make the buying decision as they will connect to other satisfied customers.


To build a long-term relationship with your customers, you need to be consistent in delivering the best customer experience. But how do you know when to start investing more time in a particular customer? Well, the first step to being sure that a customer is engaged with your brand is when they commit. You can make them sign up for your newsletter subscription, where you can also ask the customer some personal questions that you might need in the long run to curate personalized customer experiences. With the level of commitment a customer shows towards your brand, you can understand how that will influence their decision-making. Moreover, once they commit, customers tend to stick more to your organization.


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When it comes to getting potential leads to say yes to a purchase, remember creating the perception of authority within the leads during the buying process is the key. Highlighting case studies, testimonials from prominent C-level executives, and references on your website is a great way to close a deal. Opinion from influential people helps businesses attract and convert more customers as they receive a sense of validation. If you are a marketing professional, you need to capitalize on people’s innate respect for those with authority and increase your sales.


Customers often make the buying decision, but they start thinking twice when it comes to executing the buying activity. Thus, create your marketing campaigns in a way that will not allow your leads to think twice. As your customers would not want to miss out on something great, you can use scarcity in your nurturing messages to boost sales. By instilling a sense of urgency, you enhance the perceived value and exclusivity of your product. You can add a countdown timer to your emails or offer a unique discount code for only 24 hours to push your potential customers to purchase at the earliest.


Last but not least, use the power of liking to influence leads to buy your products. Customers engage more with a brand when their liking matches with the brands. It helps them connect better with your brand. But how to make customers like you more? Well, you can tie up with well-respected brands in your space for webinars, eBooks, or podcasts. This will help people like you more and enable you to expand your reach.

How to Combine the Six Principles for Maximum Impact

While each principle can be effective on its own, their power multiplies when used in combination. As a sales representative, you can incorporate reciprocity, scarcity, and consistency in your pitch while leveraging authority, liking, and social proof to build credibility and trust.

In marketing campaigns, you can integrate the principles to create a holistic strategy. Use reciprocity to attract leads, scarcity to drive urgency, and authority to position your brand. Additionally, focus on fostering liking through engaging content and leveraging social proof to boost your campaign’s effectiveness.


The digital transformation of the marketing sector has opened up numerous scopes for businesses to nurture their leads and develop their brand image. Marketing is an essential aspect of an organization’s overall success, irrespective of its size. Your target audience might mix different sections and demographics with distinct personality types, requirements, and expectations. Still, your customer experience needs to be on point for successful digital marketing. A successful customer engagement program involves high monitoring of your customers and influencing them to decide. You can use these six principles to influence customers and become a more efficient sales rep or marketer.

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